Rancho La Puerta
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8 Reasons to Add Rancho La Puerta in Tecate, Mexico to Your Summer Travel Bucket List

Rest Your Mind and Rejuvenate Your Body at This Time-Honored Resort

Originally founded as a fairly primitive health camp and eventually evolving into the stunning sanctuary it is today, Rancho La Puerta is a haven for health gurus and wellness enthusiasts alike. Started in 1940 by a young husband and wife duo, Edmond (otherwise known as “The Professor”) and Deborah Szekely (who is turning 102 in May!), this resort became the first of many destination wellness resorts, and it is continually lauded for its wonderful amenities and unique experiences. Relax by one of several stunning pools, get your sweat on during a high-elevation hike, savor gourmet foods straight from the resort’s farm and recharge in your cozy casita. Here are eight reasons why you should add this dream destination to your 2024 bucket list. Wellness Resorts Mexico

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Perfectly Heated Pools

Credit: Rancho La Puerta

The grounds of Rancho La Puerta feature a variety of immaculate pools, adding to the beauty of the natural landscape. These bodies of water are intentionally therapeutic, maintained at 98 degrees to keep in step with the internal temperature of your body. Take a warm swim by day, and then step into serene waters at night—where you can relax under the cover of darkness. For the high-energy days, visit the activity pool. Prepare yourself for fun games and fitness classes—think volleyball and aquatic workouts, such as H2O Boot Camp and Aqua Board. What better way to release endorphins than a soak in the sun?


Fresh Juices Daily

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Credit: Rancho La Puerta

A juice a day keeps the doctor away—that’s how the saying goes, right? Rancho La Puerta’s juice bar, Tierra Alegre (Spanish for “Joyous Earth”) reflects the bounty produced by the resort’s organic farm, Tres Estrellas (Spanish for “Three Stars”). Made with only the freshest ingredients, Tierra Alegre’s cold-pressed juices and smoothies are the perfect complement to your restful rhythms and rigorous workouts. These juices are not only crafted with seasonal ingredients that come straight from the farm, but they’re also made to order and meant to be consumed within twenty minutes for absolute freshness. Reflecting the resort’s values to care for your body from the inside out, Tierra Alegre is the perfect stop, whether you’re looking to refuel your body after a hike or simply get your daily dose of fruits and veggies. Wellness Resorts Mexico


Coffee, Wine and Community

Take your morning or evening routine to the next level with a latte or glass of vino at Bazar Del Sol. Serving wine from Valle de Guadalupe, as well as offerings from an espresso bar, this community resting place is the perfect place for a pick-me-up while you write, reflect or chat with friends. You can curl up on the couch while you watch the fireplace crackle, or soak up the sun surrounded by mountain views from the outdoor patio. The boutique also offers treasures made with love by local artisans.



Freshness From the Farm

Credit: Rancho La Puerta

Tres Estrellas, a 6-acre organic farm that supplies all the ingredients used by Rancho La Puerta and La Cocina Que Canta (the resort’s on-site cooking and culinary school), is a horticultural haven for health gurus. Set roughly two miles from the resort’s amenities and accommodations, this organic oasis supplies fresh ingredients for all the resort’s culinary outlets. We also recommend indulging in the Organic Garden Breakfast Hike, offered Tuesday through Friday, which includes a lovely spread followed by a garden tour. Guests are invited to assist with preparing the soil or planting seeds at any point during their stay. Free of chemicals and farmed with love, Tres Estrellas is truly a cornucopia of health and wellness.


Shady Spots to Relax

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Credit: Rancho La Puerta

Sometimes, simple is best. Relax under the canopy of a cabana, curl up in the comfort of a hammock or sprawl out in the shade of your private patio. Calm your thoughts while strolling along a path marked by pepper trees or pack a picnic for an afternoon pause. There’s no place like home, and Rancho La Puerta functions as a home away from home for guests. Whether your goal is to relax your brain from a stressful work week or sharpen your writing and reflection skills, you’ve come to the right place. Take a deep breath, find some shade, and take in the stunning surroundings at this Mexico resort. Wellness Resorts Mexico



Lace Up Your Hiking Shoes

A plethora of invigorating hiking programs invite you to step into and embrace your best self. Take full advantage of Rancho La Puerta’s 4,000 acres—and gift yourself the space to reflect amid a woodland walk or a high-elevation hike. A favorite trek is the Organic Garden Breakfast Hike, an 4-mile adventure that leads you through open hills and lands you in the garden for breakfast and a horticulture tour. With a diverse array of terrains at your disposal, This Mexico resort is the perfect place for rest and reflection, as well as activating your heart rate amongst the flora and fauna of Baja California. Trip to Rancho La Puerta

Trip to Rancho La Puerta

Friendship and Community 

Best Resorts Mexico
Credit: Rancho La Puerta

As a family owned and operated resort in Mexico founded on the uniting principles of health and wellness, Rancho La Puerta is the ideal setting to meet like-minded pals. Whether you’re road tripping with friends or flying solo, there’s sure to be a community found on the other side of a scenic hike, at the other end of the coffee shop or on your water volleyball team in the activity pool. Open your eyes to those around you during meal times or become buddies with your cooking partner during culinary classes. Opportunities abound to increase your network, form deeper connections and make lifelong memories. Doing so would make Deborah and “The Professor” proud!



Summertime Soirées

Credit: Rancho La Puerta

For the music-lovers: Bond with new friends over a week of music at the second annual Folk Fest, set for June 15-22. Among artist talks, workshops, live recording sessions and musical acts, you’ll find a schedule of concerts and more. Best Resorts Mexico

For the culinary connoisseurs: Next, calling all foodies! During the week of July 13-20, experience the unforgettable flavors of Mexican cuisine, all while learning about the country’s cultural heritage and traditions. Wellness Resorts Mexico

For the families: Family Week happens July 27-August 3, and this time is all about bonding with relatives over unifying outdoor activities.

Summer Savings: During the weeks of July 20 to September 6, come for a 7-night stay and enjoy 10% off your accommodations while indulging in two 50-minute massages, one 50-minute facial and a bottle of wine from Valle de Guadalupe. This offer excludes certain activities and cannot be applied to Family Week.

Trip to Rancho La Puerta

Rancho La Puerta
Carretera Mexicali-Tijuana K.M 136.5
Rancho la Puerta, 21520 Tecate, B.C.




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