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These Canned Cocktails Are the Drinks of Summer—Here’s Where to Sip Them in San Diego

From the Picturesque Balboa Park to a Pink Party Boat, These Sippin’ Spots Are Perfect for Summertime

Who says you have to book a flight to the Caribbean to get a taste of paradise? With Club Kokomo Spirits’ canned cocktails, you can experience a“vacation in a can” all summer long. Featuring four tropical cocktails with a medley of fresh, vibrant flavors, it’s enough to keep you cool through the heat wave and beyond. Co-founded by Mike Love of the iconic band The Beach Boys and crafted locally in San Diego, the brand was inspired by their popular hit song “Kokomo.” High-quality, natural ingredients and a taste reminiscent of breezy summer nights are all you’ll find inside Club Kokomo’s canned beverages. We’ve put together a list of some of San Diego’s best sippin’ spots, perfect for enjoying a taste of the tropics during this long hot season.


Cocktail: Excitation

Where to Sip: Poolside at Kona Kai San Diego

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Best San Diego Canned Cocktails
Credit: Mary Carol Fitzgerald

Grab your swimsuit and sunnies before sipping on one of Club Kokomo’s Excitation cocktails while poolside at Kona Kai San Diego. This waterfront resort on Shelter Island Drive takes luxury lounging to a new level with tiki cabanas and views of the picturesque Kona Kai Marina. Excitation matches the California summer vibes at this island-style resort. As if shouting out the famous “Gin and Juice” track, the combination of citrus and gin, with notes of passion fruit and black cherry, blends seamlessly into a bold, crisp flavor. Pair this drink with some refreshing bites from the poolside Tiki Bar or Paloma Pool Bar and enjoy under the shade of a private cabana. Whether indulging in a midweek pick-me-up or staying in one of their beach accommodations for the weekend, Kona Kai San Diego is the perfect getaway spot to kick back and crack open a can of Club Kokomo’s Excitation.



Cocktail: Kokomojito

Where to Sip: On the Patio at MRKT Space

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If you’re looking for an inviting market to find some new foodie staples or catch up with friends during cocktail hour, MRKT Space has made a name for itself as a trendy local spot. Match the cheery vibes and aesthetic ambiance with a Kokomojito, the pioneering drink that jump-started Club Kokomo’s cocktail lineup. This twist on the classic mojito begins with a rum infused with lemongrass and hints of lime and mint to create a fusion of simple yet flavorful ingredients. MRKT Space has two locations: one in La Jolla and one in Encinitas, with a third outpost coming soon to Bankers Hill. Each one features a stylish interior stocked with gourmet kitchen essentials and health-conscious bites, such as the charcuterie board and avocado egg cups. Now locals can beat the summer heat at this breezy, social outlet with one of the on-brand Kokomojitos in hand.


Cocktail: Afternoon Delight

Where to Sip: Picnicking at Balboa Park

Best San Diego Canned Cocktails
Credit: Club Kokomo Spirits

It’s a well-known fact that picnic season is a year-round activity in SoCal. The picturesque foundations and manicured lawns of Balboa Park make it an idyllic spot to bask in the sunshine and share a picnic basket filled with summertime foods like watermelon salad and tea sandwiches. Of course, no picnic would be complete without Club Kokomo’s Afternoon Delight. This libation is bursting with ginger, allspice and maple—the perfect addition to a fun summer outing in the park. Balboa Park is historic and rich with Spanish Colonial heritage, which is evident in the intricate, ornate architecture. Wander the pristine 1,200-acre property that contains lush gardens, cultural museums and frequent live music festivals. After a day of exploration, spread out your picnic blanket, crack open a can of Club Kokomo’s Afternoon Delight and enjoy a golden hour with friends.


Cocktail: Mystique

Where to Sip: On a Pink Party Boat Cruise

Credit: Club Kokomo Spirits

Summers in San Diego are always best spent cruising the scenic California coastline with a refreshing cocktail in hand. Sail in style on one of Eco Boat Rentals’ pink party boats for a unique, picture-perfect experience on the San Diego Harbor. With a BYOB (that’s short for booze, not just beer) policy, fill your cooler with ice and a pack of Mystique canned cocktails. Featuring flavors of the tropics, this gold-medal-winning fruity beverage combines notes of guava and lychee, infused with a hint of jasmine rum. The yacht’s Bluetooth stereos and spacious lounging decks make it the perfect charter to dance to the beat of the new “Barbie” soundtrack while sipping on Club Kokomo’s ice-cold spirits. The two-hour venture out on the harbor is ideal for a birthday celebration, a bachelorette party or just adding a bit of glam to a summer day.


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