Sports League San Diego
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Why We Joined a Volo Sports League in San Diego and What to Expect

Ditch the Pricey Gym Membership and Get Your Sweat on With Volo Sports!

It’s no secret that daily exercise is key to a happy, healthy life. The challenge is choosing exercise that keeps you motivated. Good news—you aren’t doomed to counting down the minutes on a treadmill forever! Volo Sports San Diego has created sports leagues all across the city for players of every level, bringing the joy of sports back into our adult lives. Sign up for a no-pressure kickball team or crank it up a notch with a competitive volleyball league—chances are, if you’ve missed it or wanted to try it out, Volo offers it. Look forward to exercising again and making friends along the way: here’s what you can expect when you join a Volo Sports league!

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You’ll Meet New Friends (or Even a Fiancé!)

Sports League in San Diego
Credit: Volo Sports

Expand your circle; enrich your life! When you join a Volo Sports league, you’re not only signing up for a new way to get active and mix up your work week, but you’re also opening the door to a welcoming community of players that often make even better friends! Competitive or novice, you’ll be surrounded with like-minded people that are looking for community. Just a fair warning, though: all that time spent together may cause extreme fondness. Love has sprouted more than a few times on the field; there have even been Volo teammate engagements over the years! Your No. 1 partner on the field might just become a partner for life. 


A Fun and Stress-Free Way to Get Exercise

Sports League San Diego
Credit: Volo Sports

We’ve tried the repetition of the treadmill. We’ve attempted to hit every step in the trendy group classes. Everyone’s fitness journey looks a little different, but we’re partial to the pull of the field! When you live in a beautiful city like San Diego, outdoor sports can happen pretty much year-round, so why not take advantage? Breathe in the fresh air and de-stress from a long day at work in leagues that stay new and exciting each week. No Volo Sports game is the same; you’ll go head-to-head with a new team each time you play with your same teammates cheering you on. When the excitement is high and the team’s counting on you, it makes your exercise something to look forward to!



Ditch the Expensive Gym Membership

Sports League San Diego
Credit: Volo Sports

Working out is meant for your muscles, but costly gym memberships and group classes tend to cause your wallet to lose weight too. Exercise should be accessible, but more often than not, equipment costs and monthly memberships can add up, making accessibility a challenge. Volo’s programs are created with players in mind, ensuring that even beginners who just want to dip their toes into something new feel the cost is worth it. The price of each sport is different and depends on the length of the program, but most span over several weeks! There are also no hard-pressed sales, making sure you’ll want to join again for the next season—though after your first league, we’re certain you’ll be back for more.



Something for Everyone

Credit: Volo Sports

Volo hosts a variety of sports leagues around the city of sunny San Diego from social to competitive levels, making it easy to try something new or pick up at the advanced level you left off at. Volo runs over 12 programs across courts and fields all over the city, including volleyball, kickball, softball, soccer and tennis (to name a few). The leagues happen at rec centers, schools, beaches and even private clubs from Mission Beach to Chula Vista! Volo just released its spring leagues complete with weekday volleyball, social kickball, turf soccer, pickleball and coed softball! If you aren’t quite ready to commit, they also offer one-off drop-ins with their Volo Pass option!



A Great Way to Volunteer

Sports League San Diego
Credit: Volo Sports

For when a rest is in order but you’re still determined to be involved, Volo runs the Volo Kids Foundation, run solely by volunteers. If you’ve ever wanted to take part in shaping the lives of our youth, the time is now! Volunteers within the program take part in all aspects of the foundation—from coaching and mentorship positions to community outreach, networking and even down to social media presence. Not only will you meet like-minded volunteers, make an impact and gain new experiences, volunteers for the foundation play in an adult league totally free! Youth programs happen all week long, all across the city. Connect with the Volo Kids Foundation to discover new ways to do good!


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