Credit: Erik Isakson
Credit: Erik Isakson

7 Ways to Boost Your Confidence This Fall—No Surgery Required!

From Fillers to HydraFacials, These Treatments Will Leave You Glowing

Ready to feel (and look) your best? Though cosmetic surgery has become more normal than ever, Dr. Sanjay Grover offers several non-invasive treatments that work wonders at his Newport Beach office. Whether you’re looking to fight aging with grace or give your lips a loving plump, there’s nothing wrong with a tweaking treatment that will leave you glowing. Those interested in booking regular treatments should consider signing up for the Club G Membership. For $150 a month, members receive 5% off skincare treatments along with a free $250 peel every year and are also eligible for exclusive payment plans. Give your confidence a little boost by visiting Grover Aesthetics in Newport Beach for one of these top-notch treatments!


Clear + Brilliant Treatments

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Credit: Erik Isakson

This month, Grover Aesthetics is launching the official use of CLEAR + BRILLIANT®, bringing an entirely new wave of anti-aging treatments to Newport Beach. Their Clear + Brilliant Touch Launch Event on Oct. 19 is one you won’t want to miss! All event attendees will receive One CLEAR + BRILLIANT® facial treatment for only $299 along with the option to purchase a series of four or six CLEAR + BRILLIANT® treatments for 20% off. Since each treatment is only 30 minutes and completely non-invasive, it is a wonderful investment for men and women hoping to maintain a youthful glow without all of the poking and prodding.



Preventative Cosmetic Procedures

Botox is a go-to injectable that can be used to prevent fine lines from forming on the face. Though Botox remains one of the most popular neurotoxins, there are tons of other options to explore in 2023. For example, Daxxify is a similar neurotoxin but lasts much longer. In fact, results from Daxxify can be maintained with as few as two treatments per year. If you prefer to keep things as natural as possible, Xeomin is a completely additive-free anti-aging injectable that works just as well as Botox and is even a bit cheaper.



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Though they are injected in a similar manner, fillers and the neurotoxins we described above are completely different. Rather than paralyzing the muscle or preventing movement, filler is simply a hyaluronic acid-based product that creates a more supple look. In addition to the lips, filler can be used in several parts of the face like the cheeks, forehead or Marionette lines to create a youthful appearance. Juvederm is most commonly used to give your lips a fuller and more luscious look, while Restylane can be used in various parts of the body. 



Whether you’re looking to smooth out cellulite or create a more lifted jawline, Sofwave does it all. This stimulating device uses Synchronous Ultrasound Parallel Beam SUPERB technology, allowing the treatment to penetrate the skin without the use of needles. Sessions typically last between 30 to 45 minutes, making it an easy way to show your body some love at any time without worry or the need for recovery. It is also completely painless and one of the only FDA-approved treatments for cellulite. Expect smoother and firmer skin after just the first session.


Vivace Ultra

Vivace Ultra blends microneedling with radio frequency (RF) technology to trigger collagen production in the face. Whether you’re looking to create a more even skin tone or minimize the appearance of fine lines, Vivace Ultra is efficient, effective and fast-acting. When compared to standard microneedling, one of the best things about Vivace Ultra is the fact that you’ll see results in as little as three treatments as opposed to six or more. Thanks to a cool numbing cream that is applied just before the treatment, Vivace Ultra is relatively painless and requires no downtime for recovery.



Give your face the royal treatment with the HydraFacial, one of Dr. Grover’s newest and most exciting treatments. This innovative piece of technology removes all impurities, debris and oil from the skin by means of suction. However, as the powerful vacuum clears your pores, the HydraFacial simultaneously pumps nourishing and hydrating serums directly into the skin. Some noteworthy results include the reduction of fine lines, a more even skin tone and smoother texture. Though it isn’t considered a replacement for Botox, the HydraFacial can reduce the number of Botox injections needed per year. 




Looking to tone and sculpt without surgery? EmSculpt uses RF and high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy to contour the body by creating intense muscle contractions. In addition to toning the body, these muscle contractions simultaneously burn fat, giving you the best of both worlds in a single treatment. When compared to Coolsculpting, EmSculpt has been shown to have significantly higher rates of fat reduction despite costing less. If you do one treatment a week for a month, expect to see results after your fourth EmSculpt session.


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