Credit: Niki Cram / Models: Julia Lipkin and Josh Duhon, Brand Models and Talent
Credit: Niki Cram / Models: Julia Lipkin and Josh Duhon, Brand Models and Talent

7 SoCal Bike Trails for a Cruise on Your Electric Bike

From Coastline Views to Mountain Adventures, Here’s Where to Take Your Aventon Ebike For a Spin

Between riding along the breezy coastline to pedaling across rolling green hills, biking in SoCal is hard to beat. Whether it’s getting outside to soak up the constant sunny and 75 degree weather on the weekend or opting for a ride to work instead of a drive, biking is simply something us locals love to do. It’s a recreation in constant evolution, and electric bikes are the present vanguard of this market. For top-tier e-bikes that supply both form and function, Aventon is your go-to. After you’ve made the electric bike purchase, it’s time to explore these open-air bike trails all around Southern California. Some words of wisdom, however, before you start: when riding any e-bike, always remember to be aware of your surroundings, be respectful of others and follow the posted signage on trails. SoCal Bike Trails


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Back Bay Loop Trail

Bike: Aventon Pace 500 Next-Gen

Credit: Niki Cram / Models: Julia Lipkin and Josh Duhon, Brand Models and Talent

An easy cruise with an inordinate return on leisure, the Back Bay in Newport Beach provides a pleasurable nature break any day of the week. The Back Bay Loop supports an estuary teeming with abundant ecology worth touring. The Aventon Pace 500 Next-Gen is the perfect bike to take on this trail. As the latest version of its award-winning predecessor, this e-bike features a newly integrated battery and lights for shadowy conditions. Don’t be fooled by the look this casual cruiser sports because its puncture-resistant tires are capable of handling nuanced conditions for ultimate peace of mind.

Location: Newport Beach


San Juan Creek Trail 

Bike: Aventon Aventure

Credit: Aventon

San Juan Creek Trail is a paved stretch from Doheny State Beach to San Juan Capistrano. This route showcases the beautiful scenery OC has to offer. It runs parallel to the ocean, providing explorers with a fresh sea breeze. Ideally, this route is best traveled on an Aventon Aventure bike. As one of the fastest and most desirable e-bikes on the market, it can reach a speed of 28 mph. Since the trail runs about 19 miles, the superior battery of this bike will maintain for the entirety of the distance (and then some).

Location: Doheny State Beach to San Juan Capistrano


Los Peñasquitos Canyon

Bike: Aventon Sinch

Credit: Aventon

North of Solana Beach, Los Peñasquitos Canyon is a slice of country that offers a respite from urban life. This trail has something for everyone, which is why its rating extends from green to double-black diamond. The Aventon Sinch e-bike is your best bet here. Gear your personalized preferences with a step-through model or standard option. These bikes are also foldable, so trust that your commute to the trails will be as trouble-free as your ride.

Local Insight: Any Aventon bike can easily operate on a Class 1 trail since the throttle can be removed.

Location: San Diego



Marvin Braude | PCH Bike Path

Bike: Aventon Pace 350 Next-Gen Step-Through

Credit: Aventon

Running parallel to PCH, Marvin Braude is a beachy trek that showcases some of the best views in Los Angeles. Explore it with your own Pace 350 Next Gen! Having a quality e-bike used to be mutually exclusive, but Aventon has bridged the gap, and now, riders can have it all. Its sleek, lightweight frame doesn’t compromise on an integrated battery, backlit color display screen or throttle. As with any trail, this path is enjoyed by fellow bikers and pedestrians, so always be mindful of your surroundings.

Location: Los Angeles



Santa Ana River Trail Bikeway

Bike: Aventon Soltera

Credit: Niki Cram / Models: Julia Lipkin and Josh Duhon, Brand Models and Talent

The Santa Ana River Trail is a paved route that weaves through the heart of Orange County and is considered relatively easy. It also includes some compelling novelties like tunnels and a curve in the path where Angels Stadium is visible and reachable. Aventon’s Soltera is the ideal fit for this experience. Spry and lively, it features a nimble and polished design where less is made more by providing the simplicity of a single-gear function (although, a seven-gear model is available too). As always, wear a helmet! 

Location: Orange County

SoCal Bike Trails

Big Bear Lake Area

Bike: Aventon Aventure

Credit: Joshua Chun / Unsplash

What better way to reset your mind than with the crisp, pine-infused aura of Big Bear Lake? Grab your Aventure e-bike and head for the peaks because, as John Muir once noted, the mountains are calling. We’re fortunate to live in an age when appreciating the wild can be done so with stress-free comfort. Aventon engineers have seamlessly managed to shape it all together in the Aventure bike, utilizing front suspension for going over tree roots, tire fenders for protection and an adjustable seat to equip riders with perfect control.

Location: Big Bear


Everyday Commute

Bike: Aventon Level

Credit: Aventon

With gas prices being what they are, the Aventon Level commuter e-bike is an investment that will improve your morning by cutting out time on the freeway spent in traffic. It was engineered with commuters in mind—as demonstrated by its pre-installed rack. The e-bike’s front fork suspension and comfortable seat allow you to roll with unexpected road conditions. Since the tire fenders are sure to protect your attire, you’re bound to look and feel your best by the time you get to the office.

SoCal Bike Trails


Models: Julia Lipkin and Josh Duhon, Brand Models and Talent

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