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5 Tips on How to Score the Best Deals on National Thrift Shop Day

We’re Poppin’ Tags With Pro Thrifter and Vintage Fanatic Greg Gusto!

The 1970s were a pretty epic decade. ABBA owned the dance floor; “M*A*S*H” ruled the airwaves; “Star Wars” rolled out the red carpet. And this says nothing of 1970s fashion, when society wasn’t shy of sequins and glitter, bell-bottom pants or platform shoes. But if memes now relive the music and cinema of the era, where do those clothes go to retire? If it’s not in Carrie Bradshaw’s closet, there’s a good chance you’ll find remnants of the ages at your nearest Goodwill of OC.

We knocked on thrift-fashion influencer Greg Gusto’s door and invited ourselves into his closet to witness all his fabulous finds. When he isn’t making TikToks or sharing outfits on Insta, you can find him poppin’ tags at any Goodwill of OC across Orange County. To Gusto, thrifting is an invitation to find your own style. We asked him to share his top-five tips on how to seek the best thrift finds on National Thrift Shop Day (Aug. 17). Read on before you head out!


1 | Shop Off-Season

Credit: Goodwill of Orange County

You can find some of the best items when they aren’t in season. For example, since it’s summer now, finding items for the winter or fall can be a great way to build out what you’ll wear later. Gusto says, “Thrifting in person at Goodwill of OC impacted my style because it gave me space to be creative and experiment with my wardrobe. Also, many people donate at the beginning of the year or around spring-cleaning season. Plan accordingly!”


2 | Peep the Label

Best Thrift Shopping in Orange County
Credit: Goodwill of Orange County

Checking the tags is important because it tells the story of the brand. You can find out where it was made, who made it and even when it was made. “Thrifting gives me the space to play dress up and find vintage items and brands that I love,” says Gusto. “Also, don’t forget to check the price tag. At Goodwill of OC, for instance, colored tags on certain days coordinate with timely discounts.”


3 | Think Classic

Build a wardrobe that you’ll wear often. Gusto recommends creating a capsule wardrobe, which consists of essential pieces that can be mixed and matched to create versatile looks. “For example, mine would be a black T-shirt, black slacks, a black suit jacket and black boots, which form the foundation of a wardrobe that transcends trends and seasons.” Next: accessorize. This elevates and adds flair to your outfit. Goodwill of OC is known for its funky selection of shoes, handbags and accessories.


4 | Have Patience

Thrifting is about the thrill of the hunt! It’s like searching for treasure. You can shop with friends or go solo—perhaps while listening to a podcast. Gusto is a veritable fashion whisperer: “Many people can get overwhelmed with the process of thrifting, so pick a section, like T-shirts, and go through it to see what catches your eye. It takes time to train your eye in terms of what to look for. It’s like any skill, but once you start, you’ll never stop!” 


5 | Express Yourself

Thrifting affords an opportunity to try out new styles at a great price. “Thrifting is how I express my personal style, which I describe as old money with a new twist.” You’ll be amazed by what you discover. It can be a new brand, a new style or maybe even an entirely new look. If it catches your eye, it’s worth consideration. Try it on!

What’s Gusto’s all-time favorite Goodwill of OC score? Nike Air Force Ones. “A pair of white sneakers goes with everything,” he says. They’ve been inseparable ever since.

Be sure to follow Greg Gusto on TikTok and Instagram for more tips and tricks. Happy hunting!

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