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Credit: John Glover

Get Thrifty With It! Here Are 5 Tips for Your Next Thrifting Spree at Goodwill of OC

Influencer and Sustainable Stylist, Rachel Bennet, Shares Her Thrifting Tips

Expert: Rachel Bennett, @rachlizben
Job Title: Influencer, Sustainable Stylist

Credit: John Glover

Influencer and thrift-aholic Rachel Bennett spends her days prancing through Newport Beach with an americano in hand, producing content for her Instagram and combing through every local thrift shop in OC. An OC native, Bennett’s love of thrifting started many years ago when her grandmother would take her to thrift stores and teach her how to hunt for the best deals. One of her favorite go-to spots in Orange County is Goodwill of OC—a nonprofit organization that helps people facing barriers find their own pathway to employment and greater independence. But before you go and hit the racks, here are Bennett’s tips on how to find gems while thrifting. 


Run to the Racks

“When you see workers wheeling out racks from the back, run, don’t walk! A lot of people don’t know this, but employees usually don’t mind if you go through the clothes that aren’t set out yet, and you could find gems that other people haven’t even had the chance to see.”



Count Your Colors

“Each tag at Goodwill has a different color, and a lot of times, specific colors are discounted on certain days. The best way to snatch a deal is to be mindful of what color is on sale for the day.”


Specialize Your Search

thrift shops OC - Goodwill of Orange County
Credit: Goodwill of Orange County

“It’s really easy to become overwhelmed when walking into Goodwill, so my advice is to know what you’re looking for. Instead of scouring each and every rack, walk slowly through the aisles and keep an eye out for colors or materials that you think you’ll like—it saves so much time because you only pull out the pieces you’re interested in.” If you want to visit one of the best thrift shops in Orange County, don’t miss Goodwill OC.

Appreciate the Wear

“When you’re thrifting, you’re, of course, buying secondhand clothing. You can use this to your advantage and understand the wear and tear on clothing instead of buying something brand new and guessing how it’s going to look 10 years from now.” 


Savvy Those Stains

“From time to time, you’ll come across pieces that have stains or tears. That’s why you need to do your research and learn how to sew or even remove specific stains out without hurting the fabric. Trust me—it’s worth the time.” 

All items have been thrifted from Goodwill of Orange County.

Goodwill of Orange County
410 N Fairview St
Santa Ana, CA 92703
+ 23 thrift shop locations throughout OC

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