Caterer Tells Exactly How to Throw the Perfect BBQ

How to Cook up a Killer Outdoor BBQ With Colette’s Catering

Written By: Hayleigh Shobar Colette’s Catering

The Experts: Jose Vazquez and Sarah Kuhlberg
Credentials: Executive Chef and Marketing & Creative Director of Colette’s Catering & Events

It’s time to start up the grill and invite everyone you know. Long summer days and balmy temperatures are cooking up the perfect recipe for one heck of an outdoor barbecue. Why put a party together on your own when you could make the event hassle-free with Colette’s Catering & Events? From crafting a unique menu to cleaning up the aftermath, Colette’s takes care of it all. We here at LOCALE Magazine decided it’s time to step up our game this season, so we consulted Colette’s Executive Chef Jose Vazquez and Marketing & Creative Director Sarah Kuhlberg to talk ingredients and hosting tips.

Question: Could you give me some of the highlights of hosting a party through Colette’s Catering and Events?

Jose Vazquez: Having the ability to customize a menu. The rapport that you build with the client and seeing how excited they get when you take their input and make it happen.

Sarah Kuhlberg: We have a real passion for food, people, and celebrations. We truly pride ourselves in creating an amazing experience, from start to finish.

Q: BBQs are such a great way for people to come together during the summer. What’s one way you could transform an average backyard BBQ into a showstopper event?

JV: Have a great ratio of veggies to protein. Grill everything. From asparagus, baby bells, Blue Lake green beans, broccolini, to your favorite fruits like pineapple and watermelon. It will look amazing right next to that steak and fish.

SK: I love a great summer evening BBQ. By the time you’re done grilling and ready to eat, it’s sunset—nature’s showstopper. I love the idea of grilling fruit, like Jose suggested, and adding them to cocktails really wow your guests. Grilled Pineapple White Wine Sangria or Mezcal with grilled watermelon, lime and agave are pretty delicious.

Q: Can you recommend a refreshing BBQ dish that’s easy to prepare in this summer heat?

JV: A fresh fig and crème fraiche salad, with basil seeds bloomed and added to the crème fraiche, a light dusting of sugar, sliced fresh figs and topped with torn market basil.

Q: What ingredients can’t you get enough of this season?

JV: I really enjoy working with the great variety of fresh melons and amazing Hass avocados.

Summer salads are the best. All the flavors are perfect, you don’t have to do much, and the ingredients speak for themselves.

SK: Strawberries and Heirloom tomatoes, for sure.

Q: Say I’m looking for a venue, occasion, and food. What would be your ideal summer event to cater?

JV: An art gallery, any kind of an opening—small bites that flow with the art on the walls. It’s amazing the way food and art can play off each other.

SK: A coastal private estate social event or wedding. A real foodie event, with a beautiful multi-course dinner or lots of chef action stations to get the guests up and moving and of course eating.

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Colette’s Catering Serves up Tips for the Perfect BBQ

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