Cozy Bars Palm Springs
Credit: Shelby Moore

11 Cozy Bars to Warm You Up When It’s a “Frigid” 65 Degrees in Palm Springs

From Classy Wine Bars to Sophisticated Speakeasies, These Spots Will Quickly Warm Your Spirits

Boasting drink menus hidden in hymnals and speakeasies slipped under the cover of darkness, the Greater Palm Springs area contains no shortage of creative watering holes—from swanky wine bars to custom cocktail lounges. When temperatures reach a “frigid” 65 degrees, what better activity than warming yourself from the inside out? No matter if you’re a Palm Springs local or a sojourner in search of cover, these bespoke bars and sneaky speakeasies are tailor-made for a chilly-ish night on the town.


Del Rey

Sip On: Delirio

Step onto Del Rey’s scene at Villa Royale in Palm Springs, and you’ll feel like you’ve entered center stage of an old-school Spanish cinema. Vintage photos line the walls, while dimly lit booths welcome friends and strangers as family. Sip on the Delirio and warm yourself from the inside out, as this sweet and spicy drink is marked by the classic Spanish spice, pimenton (aka paprika). With a wide array (or should we say a-Rey) of cocktails to choose from, you’re sure to find something to warm your spirits.

Location: Palm Springs



Sip On: Little Owl

Cozy Bars Palm Springs
Credit: Seymour’s

Marked by discreet mood lighting and geometric design elements, Seymour’s is a speakeasy found inside of Mr. Lyons in Palm Springs. This tucked-away bar provides the perfect recipe for a chilly night out where the present meets Prohibition. Savor the taste of Seymour’s history as you sip on the Little Owl, their signature house cocktail which has been around since they opened in 2016. Spirit forward, the flavor profile of this local favorite marries citrus notes with deep, nutty harmonies.

Location: Palm Springs




Bar Cecil

Sip On: Oaxaca Old Fashioned

Stenciled walls and sage green booths, complemented by cobalt blue bar stools, makes for an aesthetically pleasing but approachable ambiance at Bar Cecil in Palm Springs. Taking a page out of Renaissance man Cecil Beaton’s book, the bar pays tribute to this aesthete who sought to cultivate authentic memories around the table. Sit back and enjoy your company and surroundings while experiencing the smokey flavor of the Oaxaca Old Fashioned. Unrefined class, defined.

Location: Palm Springs



Counter Reformation

Sip On: Ilaria de Nardi

Cozy Bars Palm Springs
Credit: Parker Palm Springs

Counter Reformation, named for the Catholic Church’s 16th-17th century response to the Protestant Reformation, is a conceptually unmatched bar inside the Parker Palm Springs. Self-described as “a shrine to great wine,” this establishment is the epitome of scroll-stopping content—boasting elements such as a wooden confessional and menus disguised as hymnals. What better place to warm your soul with wine than at a bar inspired by the Catholic Church? Go straight for the roots with the Ilaria De Nardi, an Italian red wine known for its deep color and spice.

Location: Palm Springs



La Fe Wine Bar

Sip On: Red Sangria

When temperatures take a tumble, quit whining and start wining. Nestled behind a fortress of tall green hedges, La Fe Wine Bar provides a casual, cozy vibe that’s fit for any fall day in Palm Desert. Sip on their red sangria while studying the intricacies of a partially-colored mural on one of the walls—where across the mural in bold letters is written: “Tiempo De Vino” (meaning “wine time”). We could not agree more, La Fe…we could not agree more.

Location: Palm Desert


Tailor Shop

Sip On: The Dress Shop

Cozy Bars Palm Springs
Credit: konsist

Like a suave man in a suit, Tailor Shop is bespoke and buttoned up in all the best ways. Straight to the point, this dimly lit Palm Springs bar is not overdone—but rather, it has the perfect elegant edge. Choose from a closet full of quality libations, including the Dress Shop, which is a jalapeno-infused tequila cocktail with notes of prickly pear and more. Custom-tailored for quality-seeking customers, this bar is pressed, steamed and well-suited for a classy night out.

Location: Palm Springs


Little Bar

Sip On: Paradise Mule


Designed with over three decades’ worth of music memorabilia, Little Bar in Palm Desert unfolds like an accordion of memories from Skip Paige’s long-standing career in concert production. The watering hole’s walls are covered with his personal artifacts ranging from album art to ticket stubs (including a ticket to the first-ever Coachella)—and the solid oak portal contains a peep door that allows you to take a peek before entering this artist’s utopia. The Paradise Mule, a floral-forward ginger beer cocktail, will top off your visit to this time capsule from the past.

Location: Palm Desert


Truss & Twine

Sip On: Velvet Touch

Set apart by elevated industrial designs, Truss & Twine is a great Palm Springs stop for those evenings when you want to get out of the house while still keeping things casual. Their drink menu spans the ages, literally—whether we’re talking the Dark Ages, Prohibition or the Golden Age and everything in between. Pamper your taste buds with a touch of smooth citrus when you order the Velvet Touch, which is one of their original concoctions—marrying the flavors of rye, bittersweet liqueur, sherry and orange zest.

Location: Palm Springs


Wally’s Desert Turtle

Sip On: Perfect Pear Martini

Credit: Nathan Cox

Esteemed restaurant Wally’s Desert Turtle is a family-owned desert oasis in Rancho Mirage. As the second establishment founded by well-known restaurateur Wally Botello, this high-end dining experience attracts big names from far and wide, thanks to its excellent customer service and fine selection of food and drink. Soak in the sound waves of live music as you savor the flavors of the desert when you order the Perfect Pear Martini—replete with Grey Goose La Poire, grapefruit juice, lime juice and simple syrup.

Location: Rancho Mirage


The Evening Citizen

Sip On: Citizen Spritz

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Credit: Gennah Rodriguez

Dripping with Prohibition-era creativity, The Evening Citizen provides a true speakeasy experience amidst our modern century. Per the name, this establishment is accessorized with subtle nods to a time when the world was run by newspapers—indicated by many of their cocktail names such as the Citizen Spritz. “We keep you in the dark,” The Evening Citizen says, as the exact address is not given until you book a reservation. Oozing with the suspense of a thriller short story, this 30-seat cocktail bar will have you on the edge of your seat until you bid farewell.

Location: Palm Springs



The Amigo Room

Sip On: Cactus Rosá

Cozy Bars Palm Springs
Credit: Shelby Moore

Cozy and comfortable, The Amigo Room is the bar attached to King’s Highway Diner at the Ace Hotel & Swim Club. Replete with a velvet couch, rounded archways and stone-esque designs, this destination provides an elevated getaway from Palm Springs’ otherwise ubiquitous bright colors. Lounge on the couch like a Roman god, or sit at the bar while sipping on your cocktail of choice. The Cactus Rosá is a perfect complement to your moody evening—brightening up the mood with vodka, Aperol, pineapple and lemon. Say hello to sweet and sour.

Location: Palm Springs

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