Culinary Celebration: Mercado González Opens in Costa Mesa This November

Northgate’s New Marketplace Blends Traditional Mexican Flavors with Modern Flair

This Friday, Nov. 17, marks the grand opening of Mercado González in Costa Mesa, a vibrant new chapter in the Northgate Gonzalez Market story. This innovative marketplace is set to become a buzzing hub of Mexican cuisine and culture, bringing a unique dining and shopping experience to Southern California.

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A Feast of Flavors at Mercado González

Mercado González is where tradition meets innovation. The marketplace hosts a variety of food stalls, each offering a distinctive taste of Mexico:

El Moro Churro Stand: A must-visit for those who crave the sweet cinnamon delights from Mexico City.

Carnitas Don Miguel: Dive into the rich, savory world of traditional Mexican carnitas.

Chiva Torta: Revel in the art of torta-making, showcasing the best of Mexican sandwich craft.

Tacos Los Guichos: Embark on a taco journey that spans a multitude of flavors and fillings, perfect for any meal.


Maizano: A culinary gem.

Credit: Northgate Market

The heart of Mercado González beats with Maizano, a fine dining concept brought to life by the celebrated duo Javier Hernandez Pons and Jorge Salim. This restaurant is poised to be a culinary landmark, offering an exquisite tribute to Mexican gastronomy.


Entre Nos: A cocktail haven.

Adjacent to Maizano is Entre Nos, a cocktail bar that promises an immersive experience in Mexican mixology. It’s a place where innovative drinks and a lively atmosphere converge, echoing the spirit of Mexico’s famed cocktail scenes.


A New Destination for Food Lovers

Mercado González isn’t just a marketplace; it’s a destination where every visit is an adventure. From the first bite to the last sip, visitors will experience the warmth and richness of Mexican culture.



Join the Fiesta This Friday

Credit: Northgate Market

The excitement builds as Costa Mesa prepares to welcome Mercado González. This marketplace is more than a culinary hotspot; it’s a celebration of Mexican heritage, a place where food, tradition, and innovation come together in a vibrant fiesta.


Explore the World of Mercado González! Be part of this exciting opening and immerse yourself in the authentic tastes and aromas of Mexico right here in Southern California.


Mercado González

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