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How to Spend the Day in Malibu Like a True Local

Ocean Views, Decadent Sushi and Luxury Shopping Await

Nestled neatly on the northern shores of sunny Los Angeles, Malibu is the epitome of coastal indulgence and elegant, beachside luxury. This paradisiacal oasis has been a hub for travelers and locals alike for decades now, boasting some of the finest boutique hotels and five-star restaurants in all of Southern California. The area’s acclaimed array of indulgent dining options and beautiful resorts blend seamlessly with the surrounding natural beauty, offering a sense of barefoot luxury that is truly unmatched. But with so much to see, do and enjoy, it can be tricky to navigate the stages of planning an upscale Malibu getaway. Fear not, however, for we have gone ahead and done the heavy lifting for you. Read on to see our elevated guide to exploring Malibu.

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Where to Stay: Nobu Ryokan

Credit: Nobu Ryokan Malibu

Known for their one-of-a-kind lavish restaurants, Nobu has been involved in the hospitality industry for decades, so it should be no shock to hear that their hotels are impeccable. Perhaps no hotel in their award-winning lineup boasts as much luxury and scenery as Nobu Ryokan in Malibu. A beachside property that blends serene Japanese minimalism with jaw-dropping, panoramic ocean views, lush, vibrant grounds and world-class amenities, Nobu Ryokan is utterly outstanding and will undoubtedly provide all the boujee tranquility that one could ever want.


Where to Sit and Sip: Coffee at Caffe Luxxe

Malibu Guide
Credit: Caffe Luxxe

After waking up to the sound of waves gently crashing onto the shore, take a stroll down to Caffe Luxxe to enjoy some of the most refined and delicious coffee and espresso in the area. This quaint, Old World-inspired cafe is equal parts charming and upscale. Their baristas take great pride in their craft, and, as many locals know, they will be launching their very own lineup of artisanal cold-brew coffees starting in July, so now is the perfect time to pay Caffe Luxxe a visit and see why they’re so revered in the SoCal community.



Where to Grab Breakfast: Brunch at Malibu Farm

For breakfast or brunch, there is one candidate that rises above the rest: Malibu Farm. Located right at the start of the Malibu Pier, diners can look forward to soaking up the endearing, beachy ambiance of the pier while also delving into an award-winning, farm-to-table brunch menu. Featuring local favorites like their fluffy, fresh-baked French toast as well as innovative additions, such as their open-faced omelets, locals and visitors would agree that Malibu Farm is a staple in the area.


What to Do: The Organic Farmers Market by City Hall

Credit: Shelley Pauls

After sipping mimosas and diving into a fresh plate of pancakes, burn off those calories by taking a stroll through Malibu’s delightful organic farmers market. With so many local vendors, farms and artisans, the farmers market is thriving in Malibu and is open on Saturdays and Sundays. Enjoy locally sourced goods and handmade crafts while sipping on organic kombucha, fresh-roasted coffee and more! The variety of vendors paired with the lush, upscale ambiance of Malibu’s city center make the organic farmers market a perfect place to start your afternoon.


Where to Hang Out: El Matador State Beach

Malibu Guide
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A day in Malibu would not be complete without taking some time to soak up the sun at one of the many world-renowned beaches. Our pick is the spacious and scenic El Matador State Beach. With acres of sand and sea to enjoy, El Matador is known for its staggering rock formations, transporting visitors to a secluded beachfront bedecked with towering bluffs, arches and vistas. Taking a stroll along El Matador is akin to hiking through a national park, offering glimpses of some of Southern California’s most stunning natural features. If you only have time to see one beach, El Matador would be our resounding recommendation.


Where to Shop: Malibu Country Mart 

Malibu Guide
Credit: Malibu Country Mart

High-end, upscale shopping and Malibu go hand-in-hand, but perhaps no other shopping destination brings together ambiance and indulgence quite like the Malibu Country Mart. Featuring dozens of boutique shops as well as designer storefronts, Malibu Country Mart will capture your intrigue with its wide breadth of shopping and dining experiences. Being an open-air mall located only half a mile from the beach, the atmosphere is unmatched thanks to blue skies, cool ocean breezes and charming, Spanish-style architecture, making this the perfect place to splurge before heading back home.


Where to Relax: Little Beach House Malibu

Credit: Ari He

Chances are if you’re a Malibu local in the creative field, you’re a member of Little Beach House. After spending the day strolling and shopping, we recommend taking a moment to unwind and enjoy some blissful ocean views at the iconic Little Beach House Malibu. This upscale lounge serves as equal parts bar, restaurant and event space. Sip delicious craft cocktails atop plush couches perched on a stunning deck that boasts panoramic ocean views. While you’re there, be sure to check out their gorgeous collection of fine art, ensuring that you’re capitalizing on both the natural and artistic beauty that makes Little Beach House such a worthy destination.


Where to Wine: Rosenthal Wine Bar

If you’re a wine connoisseur or simply just a fan, you’ll definitely want to take a trip to the Rosenthal Wine Bar. Established in 1987, Rosenthal Estate Wines has quickly risen to stardom and has proven to be a great southern complement to the blooming Northern California wine scene. It should come as no shock that the Rosenthal Wine Bar is elegant, tasty and scenic. With a lovely patio area where guests can order vino, charcuterie and other amuse bouches, Rosenthal Wine Bar is a great place to relax and enjoy a drink before heading to dinner.


Where to Dine: Nobu

Credit: Nobu Malibu

There is perhaps no better place to cap off the perfect, elevated day in Malibu than Nobu. This elegant, seaside Japanese restaurant is nothing short of spectacular. From the moment guests arrive, they are met with all the subtleties of fine dining, including an elegant ambiance, trickling water features and twinkling chandeliers. But once the food and drinks start arriving, the subtleties become obvious in the form of Wagyu tacos, fresh yellowtail nigiri, sparkling champagne and crunchy spring rolls. Nobu is innovative yet timeless, demonstrating a mastery of traditional Japanese cuisine while simultaneously pushing the boundaries. And let’s face it, you’ll definitely run into a celebrity here.




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