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5 Off-Roading Spots in SoCal and the Truck That Can Handle Them All

Here’s the Vehicle That Will Have You Soaring from Dune to Dune

While often characterized by its crowded cities and coastlines, Southern California harbors plenty of pleasant surprises in the form of sweeping sand dunes, rugged desert trails and towering mountaintops. The region is also home to thousands upon thousands of acres of untamed wilderness perfect for an off-roading adventure. But in order to experience all the natural beauty SoCal has to offer, you need a vehicle that can handle the journey, and the new 2024 Ford F-150 Raptor is up for the challenge.  Off-Roading Spots in Southern California

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Built with wilderness terrain in mind, the F-150 Raptor from Ken Grody Ford is the ultimate off-roading machine, equipped with the most technologically advanced internal bypass suspension and a powerful 5.2L supercharged V8 engine. SoCal residents are lucky to have the hardworking automotive experts at Ken Grody Ford, who know all about the best places to off-road and the vehicles that’ll get you there. Read on to learn about five picturesque off-roading adventures and how the F-150 Raptor can help you conquer them all.


Imperial Sand Dunes (Glamis)

Off-Roading Spots in Southern California
Credit: Claudia Lam

Aptly called the “Sand Toy Capital of the World,” the Imperial Sand Dunes, also known as Glamis, are an off-roading paradise in Imperial County. With mountains of golden sand that stretch to the horizon, Glamis offers travelers a glimpse at an undeveloped desert environment unlike any other. Here, natural beauty is met by the exciting roar of dune buggies and dirt bikes. In order to access this sandy slice of heaven, you’ll need a vehicle with maximum traction and power. Luckily, the 2024 Ford F-150 Raptor comes fully equipped with 4-wheel drive, upgraded axles, 37-inch all-terrain tires, and enough power to keep you from getting stuck in the sand.

Off-Roading Spots in Southern California

Hungry Valley

Off-Roading Spots in Southern California
Credit: Joe Decruyenaere

Located along the northern border of Los Angeles and Ventura counties, Hungry Valley is one of the most expansive off-roading and recreation sites in the state. With over 130 miles of off-road trails and 19,000 acres of protected wilderness to explore, Hungry Valley features everything from rocky bluffs to dusty desert trails, making it a highly desirable destination for off-roading enthusiasts from across the country. The area is also home to some incredible camping opportunities. Nearly every site bears gorgeous panoramic views of the surrounding mountains. And while some of the tamer trails, like those in the lower grasslands, can be conquered easily, true gems require the enhanced traction and handling of the F-150 Raptor’s built-in 1-pedal drive with trail control.


Johnson Valley

Credit: USFWS Pacific Southwest Region

For off-roaders seeking all kinds of terrain, Johnson Valley in San Bernardino County is the destination to keep in mind. Featuring everything from dry lake beds to rocky trails, Johnson Valley allows expert off-roaders to crawl and navigate boulders beneath the surrounding mountains. This expansive recreational area appeals to all types of off-roading enthusiasts, given its diverse landscape. With the F-150 Raptor’s selectable drive modes, you can journey to this valley and experience all the thrills this unique place has to offer. Simply choose the drive mode—think sport, slippery, off-road, Baja or even rock crawl—and explore Johnson Valley’s expansive portfolio of exciting natural features.


Off-Roading Spots in Southern California

Ocotillo Wells

Credit: Magpie Drain

When it comes to dirt bikes and dune buggies, there’s no destination more iconic for exploration than Ocotillo Wells in San Diego County. This SoCal destination has been a fan favorite among off-road enthusiasts for decades. With over 80,000 acres of sweeping sand dunes, it’s easy to see why. But if you’re looking to haul your favorite sand toys out to this desert paradise, make sure you have the proper vehicle. The F-150 Raptor features built-in trailer sway control, and with over 640 lbs per ft of torque, towing your favorite off-roading vehicles has never been easier. The rugged terrain here is enjoyed by dirt bikers, ATV enthusiasts and Baja racers, all after the thrill of a ride in ideal desert conditions.


Big Bear

Credit: Ken Grody Ford & Nick Valdovinos @nickbreakseverything

For those wanting to immerse themselves in scenic beauty, Big Bear and the surrounding mountains offer some of the most pristine off-roading experiences in all of SoCal. Weave through trees settled atop dusty mountain paths. As you climb the peaks of the San Bernardino mountains, you’ll enjoy panoramic views of the glistening lakes below. With constantly shifting conditions, some of these trails require the very best 4-wheel drive technology, and luckily, the F-150 Raptor comes equipped with industry-leading traction and drive-train technology, allowing drivers to explore the mountains regardless of the climate.

Off-Roading Spots in Southern California

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