Five Crowns Reaffirms its Royalty Status With New Renovations

Five Crowns Restaurant Gets a New Look

Written By: Erica Johnson Five Crowns

For half a century, Five Crowns has been a truly unique dining experience that features great food in a great spot on East Coast Highway. Everyone knows that just walking through its iconic doors is a treat in itself. In 2015, a major renovation began that would bring a refreshing update to this beautiful landmark.

A new sign, a new bar, updated dining rooms and a new landscape design brings Five Crowns into the future and is sure to delight old and new patrons alike. An ever-evolving menu accompanies all the changes and blends innovations with the classic fare that everyone loves.

For the renovation, Five Crowns collaborated with Hatch Design Group, YYES Design Studio, Roger’s Gardens and Robinson Hill Architecture.

When you reach Five Crowns, you’ll find a new, bright sign with an updated logo. The wonderful red telephone booth remains, but the building’s colors were updated as well as the lush new landscaping that features topiaries and boxwood hedges. In the back, citrus trees were added to brighten up the outdoor dining experience.

An up to date and larger front door opens to a redecorated reception area and an exciting new edition–Cooper’s Bar. Named after Chris Cooper, the loved co-worker and Lead Service Bartender for 42 years, the stunning bar boasts a beautiful copper beer tower with rotating taps.

In the Greenhouse, you’ll find new chandeliers and oversized red benches. The original framework on the skylights has gone from green to a deep, rich gray.

Susie Frank, Design Director for Lawry’s Restaurants Inc., lets us in on what makes this renovation so special:

Q: What was the most exciting part about being able to redesign such a classic venue?

Susie Frank: Contributing my skills to my family’s multi-generational business means a lot to me. It’s always exciting and fun to use my imagination and be creative. Having all the changes to Five Crowns’ exterior turn out so great was particularly satisfying. The challenge with the interior was to improve the atmosphere without losing the quality that makes our restaurant so well loved. I was excited to take some bold and daring steps in the redesign of such a traditional place and I’m really happy it all has been incredibly well received.

Q: What one thing, in particular, did you really want to change?

SF: The Greenhouse! It looks fabulous now with its beautiful new bar, an amazing communal table that was quite the family project and four spectacular custom designed red benches complete with a five-pointed crown on the top of each one.

When it comes to delicious food, Five Crowns never disappoints. The menu features Small Plates, like Seared Scallops and Frito Misto and Share Plates, including Broiled 2 lb Maine Lobster. Entrees feature some lovely pasta dishes and more seafood. The traditional favorites that people have enjoyed for decades, like Beef Steak Neptune and Prime Rib, are still available. For dessert, enjoy decadent treats such as Dark Chocolate Souffle with Devonshire double cream and Vanilla Bean Creme Brulee with mixed berries.


Ryan O’Melveny Wilson, Vice President and Executive Chef, Lawry’s Restaurants Inc.

Director of Operations for Five Crowns, SideDoor, and The Tam O’Shanter, shares his thoughts about the new–and classic–Five Crowns menu items:

Q: What is your favorite dish on the new menu?

Ryan O’Melveny Wilson: Sweet Corn Cannelloni because I love good fresh pasta! I’ve had the great opportunity to train in Italy and pasta will always be something close to my heart and creative interests. Plus, the flavors of fresh white corn, basil and really good tomatoes are such celebrations of summer.

Q: What is one thing on the traditional menu that you wouldn’t dare change?

RW: The Prime Rib, of course! But more specifically, I wouldn’t dare change the creamed spinach. It’s been part of our heritage at Lawry’s for over 75 years, and I love the smokey savory base that the ground bacon provides.

Whether you’ve been enjoying Five Crowns for decades or will be visiting for the very first time, the lovely setting combined with a truly delicious dining experience will have you coming back again and again.


Five Crowns
3801 East Coast Highway
Corona del Mar, CA 92625
50 Years of Royalty: Five Crowns Restaurant in Orange County Gets a Renovation

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