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Written By: Diego E. Gaxiola 
Photographed By: Andrea Domjan Garrett Weston Real Estate

From a young age, Garrett Weston thrived in environments where he could truly exhibit his expertise, first joining the workforce at 15 years old. He reminisces about his first job, stating, “After obtaining a work permit from Dwyer Middle School, I followed my hobby as a surfer and landed a job at Huntington Surf and Sport.” His unprecedented drive and focus on providing an excellent experience for customers is what motivated Weston to work as much as possible while still attending Huntington Beach High School. It was while working at Strouds Linens that Weston met a man who ultimately guided him into a career in real estate.

Weston was thrilled to be working in an environment where his strong work ethic would be rewarded. “In a very short period of time, I was Strouds’ top salesman,” Weston recalls “In fact, I was so quick to move the vendor’s product that they incentivized me so I could motivate the other employees I worked with to push more product.” Jim Klisanin, broker and owner of Baytown Realty in Seal Beach, was purchasing linens with his wife when he first met Weston. Back at home, Klisanin’s wife discussed with him how impressed she was with the young man’s professionalism, insisting her husband invite Weston to Baytown Realty. After meeting with Weston, Klisanin urged him to quit his job and come work for him instead. 

From handing out market update flyers across the city to placing Fourth of July flags in resident’s front yards, Weston did it all. After months of assisting Baytown Realty, and just after his 18th birthday, Weston obtained his California Association of Realtors Salesperson’s License. “While going to school and working as a licensed realtor, I was able to make $96k my first year in the business,” explains Weston. 

For those interested in further pursuing a career in real estate, Weston explains how tough starting out in the business can be. He says, “Picture a dirt football field, and every morning you wake up and dig a 10-foot deep by 10-foot round hole for an entire year, without stopping.” His work ethic and drive to provide clients with his expertise is what pushes Weston to wake up every morning and dig that “10-foot deep by 10-foot round hole.” Over the next several years up to the present day, he was able to join outstanding companies, gradually becoming a leading real estate authority in Orange County. 

Today, Weston works with the innovative real estate firm known as Compass. Compass is a modern real estate platform focused on pairing the industry’s top talent with advanced technology in order to make the search-and-sell experience utterly seamless for consumers. “It truly is anything and everything you want out of a real estate platform and is very user-friendly for the not so technologically-advanced,” he explains.

In just this last year, Weston has closed nearly $100 million in overall sales thanks to his continued attention to detail and the same high standard of professionalism he has held since he first joined the workforce. While discussing the real estate industry today, Weston adds, “Individuals are now, more than ever, understanding the importance of a seasoned real estate agent.” For Weston, being a seasoned real estate agent is only part of what customers get to experience when working with him. “I don’t think anybody can argue that customer service is always at the top of their list and I want to create an experience that is truly next-level,” he explains. 

When asked how Weston creates a genuine sense of trust and understanding between him and a client, he answers, “When you tell someone something at 10 in the morning, tell them the same thing at three in the afternoon.” Being someone who continually sticks to their word and always stays truthful with clients is one of the many aspects that has led Weston to great success. Looking towards the future, Weston continues to focus his efforts on creating an unparalleled customer experience when working with him. From humble beginnings as a 15-year-old teenager with big dreams of becoming one of the top realtors in Orange County, Garrett Weston’s story is nothing less than the American Dream.

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Diego Gaxiola was born and raised in Orange County and currently lives in Tustin. Outside of writing, he enjoys anything related to real estate, exploring different cities, and trying new foods. In addition, Diego is an expert when it comes to the The Real Housewives, though he will never admit to it in person.


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