Great Minds Think Alike: How Two OC Locals Are Changing Up the Cleaning Industry

SayClean Aims to Provide Quality Business and Quality Customer Service

During an entrepreneurship course at Chico State in 2010, the professor peered over at Chris Milosch and Brock Meintel to make them stop being so disruptive. Now, seven years later, the two are doing just that, this time within the cleaning industry. They recognized that the status quo in the cleaning business was no longer good enough, or that in fact it may never have been. While many of their former classmates were talking about the next Facebook, the next great app, or how to apply the “uber model” to virtually everything under the sun, they chose to roll up their sleeves and take a different approach.

Chris and Brock decided to take something people already knew and used, something ordinary, and turn it on its head. “We noticed that for the most part, cleaning companies were either family owned and operated, or they were tech companies acting as a cleaning service, but essentially they were a communication platform,” says Brock. “We saw a place in the middle where we could take some of the benefits of both scenarios and add even more value.”

The call their strategy “the power of the conversation,” which can be seen throughout their service, branding, marketing, customer service and even on their blog. “We offer several different channels of communication, from a live chat feature on our website to a 24-hour customer support line,” explains Chris. The goal, he says, is to make it easy for customers to book a cleaning, but not too easy. “The way we want to purchase and schedule everything has become so easy with just a couple clicks on our phones; many people expect that ease of buying with everything. But with home cleaning, we are providing a very trustworthy, intimate experience inside of people’s homes, and that’s not something we take lightly. We need to not only start to build that trust with a conversation, but we also need to identify our customer’s unique needs, if as a company we are a good fit for someone’s home, and vice versa.”

Launched in 2014, SayClean provides home cleaning, vacation rental cleaning, real estate cleaning, move in/move out cleaning and boutique office cleaning. While others may have chosen to focus on the “business side” of things from an office, Brock and Chris chose again a different path. “We needed to learn the business from the inside-out. In order to fully understand what our customers and eventually our employees would be seeing on a daily basis, we had to get our hands dirty a lot at the beginning.”

Having both grown up locally in blue collar families—Chris in Dana Point and Brock in San Clemente—hard work is nothing new to these two. “My dad is a contractor, and I grew up helping clean up job sites, I never knew it was going to prepare me for this juncture in my life,” says Brock. That local upbringing has led to a sense of care within the community that again sets SayClean apart from others in the cleaning industry. “We want to have a positive impact on our community that goes beyond just providing a paid service. We have plans of regular beach cleanups, hiking trail clean ups, and a few other events. It’s something that we both care tremendously about, it’s our responsibility.”

Soon customers will be able to become SayClean VIP members with some pretty amazing benefits. After joining the VIP Club you’ll get monthly promotions, monthly sweepstakes (Did someone say six months for free?) and coupons. Plus, SayClean Stickies are available to VIPs so no area goes unnoticed. What are you waiting for? Contact SayClean for a free quote today!

23322 Peralta Dr, Unit 1
Laguna Hills, CA 92653
Chris Milosch and Brock Meintel of SayClean are Here to Make Your Home Clean

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