Your Guide to the Perfect Day at Dodger Stadium

Live. Breath. Blue. Get Here Hungry and Leave Happy This Season

Written By: Gabriela Mungarro and Charlotte Farrell Dodger Stadium

Winter has officially left Southern California as Los Angeles welcomes the sunny, warm days it’s famously known for, which can only mean one thing for LA natives—it’s time for Dodger Baseball! From chanting fans in the stands to the exclusive food at the stadium, an LA Dodger game is something awesome to experience. With this venue guide, you’ll be up to date on LA’s most sacred summer tradition with insider tips on what to eat, how to get there and fun facts about LA’s crown jewel!



In a city known for its culinary authenticity, it’s no wonder why Angelenos make their way down Vin Scully Ave to not only cheer for the boys in blue, but to get a taste of the food exclusive only to the ballpark. New eateries include:


Kings Hawaiian Grill

Located in the Left Field Pavilion, the Grill serves an array of tropical delights from pulled pork sliders on world-famous Hawaiian sweet rolls to Smoked Big Island Lava Wings and a Hawaiian barbecue version of the Dodger Dog, Hawaii never tasted so good!



If you thought you knew Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, think again. This drool-inducing menu item includes corn on the cob rolled in spicy mayo and dusted with Hot Cheetos to pack an extra punch—and crunch. 



Chef Ryan Evans wanted to bring something special to the stadium, and opted for a torta. His version will include refried beans, jalapenos, cilantro, crema, avocado and a choice of protein, with telera bread supplied by local bakery La Princesa Bakery in Cudah. Talk about local flavor!



Head over to Field Level, Section 45, because added to the menu are BaseBowls, which offer tuna poke bowls, orange chicken bowls and Vietnamese rice noodle bowls for veggie lovers.


Healthy Cart

If you find yourself aching for a snack at the ball game but also don’t want to strike out with your waistline, head to the Healthy Cart with options like quinoa and chickpea salad, plus a pretzel-croissant grilled chicken sandwich with garlic aioli for those who want to have something more substantial with some added protein.


Trolley Dodger Treats

Aching sweet tooth? Trolley Dodger Treats has the cure! Funnel cakes, churros, Dodger Blue ice cream and floats, deep-fried Oreos and Twinkies will have you asking if this is a carnival or a ballpark.



In a city notorious for its traffic, did you really think it would be easy getting to a Dodger game? After all, let’s not forget LA can be found at the top of the list of cities with the worst traffic. So, if you don’t have to drive, don’t! Instead, follow our transportation advice and arrive stress free!


Dodger Stadium Express

Fancy a free ride? Hop on the Dodger Stadium Express shuttle from Union Station and use your Dodger ticket to cover the fare! With various access points, getting on the shuttle is no problem. Leave your car at home and use Metro’s Red, Purple and Gold lines, as well as Metrolink and Amtrak to get to the game. For those in the South Bay, the Harbor Gateway Transit Center is also served by the Metro Silver Line and Torrance Transit. Friendly reminder: don’t wait until the last minute.


Ridesharing, Cycling and Walking

Lyft and Uber are also great alternatives, but they too can get stuck in traffic. Riding your bike is also a preferred method, as there are multiple bike lots and it’s a great way to see the city and squeeze in a calorie burn before you down a hotdog. Lastly, you can walk to the stadium from various locations, including Chinatown’s Gold Line station, which is a great excuse for a 30-minute urban exploration.    

However, if you do decide to drive keep in mind the long lines to enter and exit the parking lot, along with the parking prices that range from $15 to $50 at the gate. That could’ve been a Dodger Dog, or two!


Native Knowledge:

-Eight-million cubic yards of earth were removed from the upper hills of LA to make way for the stadium.
-The total cost to build the stadium was $23 million.
-52,564 fans attended the first opening day on April 10, 1962.
-The first Dodger Dog was invented by Thomas Arthur in 1962 and was known as the Footlong Dog that measured 10 inches–an homage to the Coney Island hot dog in New York.
-Famous broadcaster Vin Scully was hired by the Dodger’s fresh out of college and spent 67 seasons as the Dodger’s official voice.
-There is a hidden Japanese Garden behind parking lot six that was commissioned by Japanese sportswriter Sotaro Suzuki when the stadium opened.
-Nancy Bea Hefley was the Dodger’s organist for almost 30 years when she retired in 2015.
-You can get married on home plate at the stadium for $5,000, or rent the entire field for $25,000.
-The Dodger Stadium has its own zip code, 90090.
-The Beatles played a concert at the Dodger Stadium on August 28, 1966.

Bon appetite and safe travels, Dodger fans!
How to Enjoy Game Day at Dodger Stadium Full of Great Grub

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