6 Healthy Spots in Orange County This Yoga Instructor Loves

This Yogi Keeps Her Body Strong and Her Lunchtimes Flexible

Photographed By: Hunter Cole Healthy Lifestyle Orange County

Expert: Laurie Koss 
Credentials: Instructor, Ra Yoga


1 | Gettin’ Haute in Here Healthy Lifestyle Orange County

Haute Cakes Caffe

When I’m in between teaching classes at Ra Yoga Newport, I love to walk over to Haute Cakes Caffe. My friends and I love their gluten-free, blueberry pancakes and their All-American Scramble.


2 | Get in Some Tea Time Healthy Lifestyle Orange County

Milk & Honey

If I’m meeting a friend for coffee or tea, Milk & Honey is my jam. The warm customer service and unique aesthetic make it the perfect place to have a midday snack. You have got to try their açai bowl—it’s so refreshing!


3 | Sweet, Sweet Nekter Healthy Lifestyle Orange County

Nekter Juice Bar

I love to start my day with a Green Apple Detox juice from Nekter, but their vegan ice cream is the best thing to satisfy my sweet tooth.


4 | Hoo-Ra!

Ra Yoga

If you are looking for a genuine community and a wonderful workout, Ra Yoga is the place for you! For the past five years, it’s been my home away from home and I love it so much!

Ra Yoga Studios | Irvine
854 Spectrum Center Dr
Irvine, CA 92618


5 | Off to the Market

Seed Peoples Market

Seed Peoples Market has everything from stationery to camping supplies and most of the products in the store are sustainably sourced, local or eco-friendly. I love browsing through this store solo to find inspiration and allow creativity to flow.

 6 | Back in blk

BLKdot Coffee

The staff at BLKdot Coffee knows my favorite coffee and treats me like a queen. Added bonus? I am PUMPED UP for the rest of the day. This Vietnamese-style coffee will get your mood right and kick start your day.

 | Website




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