How to Score the Best Vintage Furniture with Found Home’s Jeni Maus

Maus’ Company, Found Home, Specializes in a Large Selection of Rare, Vintage Furniture and Decor

Written By: Holly Clinard How to Score the Best Vintage Furniture with Found Home’s Jeni Maus
Photographed By: Adam Gentry

There is something special about transformation. When someone can turn a bunch of messy ingredients into a decadent meal, or give an old piece of furniture a chic vintage facelift for newfound appeal—magic is at work. Jeni Maus is a maker of that magic. Maus, owner, buyer and stylist behind Found Home in Fullerton, is the pioneer woman when it comes to finding one-of-a-kind pieces and giving them a story. Her passion has led her all over the world in search of the most beautiful furniture finds to add to Found’s collection of vintage home items for sale (and for rent, too!). Jeni’s style and imagination have made her into a leader in the vintage rentals and sales industry. We sat down to pick this curator’s brain and get the scoop behind her great taste.

Q: Tell us a little about your background and how Found Home got its big break.
Jeni Maus: My husband is a photographer and I had designed and decorated his photography studio in an old building built in 1905. At the time, he used my vintage decor for his in-studio shoots, as well as on location. One time, a wedding coordinator came in and was amazed by the decor. She said, “Have you ever thought about renting this stuff out to brides?” And so it began. My husband and I did some research and found out that no one was doing strictly vintage rentals. When the website launched, we were featured on a wedding blog, and word spread like wildfire! We discovered quickly that the demand was there, and our vintage rental business grew quickly and feverishly. Six years later, Found Home was born out of simply a natural business progression. We were continuously being asked if we sold anything we rented. Another momentous step in our business!

Q: What inspires you most about interior design?
JM: I love interiors that feel cozy and unique to a person’s space. Distressed furniture, worn books and one-of-a-kind pieces tell a person’s story. They show the character of a person and a place and that is what inspires me!

Q: What types of events do you rent Found’s fine vintage pieces for?
JM: We rent to so many different places and people. Weddings, corporate events, photo shoots, commercials, TV shows and personal parties—the list goes on and on. There are so many uses for our rental pieces that it has expanded into areas I never even imagined.

Q: The vintage couches and upholstered seating you have are gorgeous. What is your all-time favorite item from the Found Collection?
JM: Honestly, my favorite piece is probably a very old worn Napoleon III chair that shows the layers of fabrics used over the 100+ years of its life. The hay and horsehair that it was originally stuffed with is what makes this piece perfectly imperfect. We even named the chair after me, Jeni, because I just loved it so much!

Q: What is the most valuable, rare and special item on your menu of vintage items for rent/sale?
JM: Since I source from all over the globe, there are so many pieces that are special, because they are all original and truly one-of-a-kind. These pieces have a rich history and true character, that it would be hard to choose just one! That is what makes Found so exceptional and different from any other shop where you buy or rent furniture—each item is rare and special.

Q: What new finds and exciting things can we expect from Found Home in the next year?
JM: We always try to stay ahead of the trends and styles. We continually want our pieces to be exclusive and desirable. I am working on custom pieces made out of reclaimed wood, and upholstered pieces out of vintage textiles.

Q: A little vintage trivia about you: If there were an era you feel like you should have been born in, what decade would it be, and why?
JM: I would have to say late 19th century—and in Europe preferably. I am so drawn to the aesthetic of that time. The furniture was made so beautifully and with so much care. The detail and the structure of pieces were so gorgeous, which is why you can imagine I love them so much. I love pieces like this even more today—with all of the wear and tear, scratches and chipped paint!

Jeni has sourced her items from:

What’s In A Name?: Maus’s husband came up with the name Found, and the very next day she went to buy a business license.

Three’s A Crowd: When shopping at Found Home, prospective buyers can choose from three distinct categories: Custom, Found and Handmade. Thanks to Maus’ expert curation, each contains items you won’t find anywhere else.

Found Home
201 W Truslow Ave
Fullerton, CA 92832

F I N D E R S /// Keepers. Discover the Best Vintage Furniture Around with Found Home’s Jeni Maus.

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