8 Million Metric Tons of Plastic Ends Up in Our Oceans Each Year; Igloo Is Here to Change That

Styrofoam Is Out, Igloo Recool Is In

Written By: Taylor Gorski
Photography Provided By: Shane Adams Igloo EcoCool

Last year, Igloo launched Igloo RECOOL––the world’s first biodegradable and compostable cooler (after its life, it can be composted to help grow new plants!). This eco-friendly cooler is reusable, can hold up to 75 pounds and is a reasonable $10. Dave Allen, president and CEO of Igloo, says, “We sold over 250,000 [RECOOL] coolers last year, and hopefully that’s over 250,000 styrofoam coolers that didn’t find their way to our beaches, lakes and landfills.” Igloo EcoCool

On March 4, Igloo hosted an event at Farmhouse Roger’s Gardens to announce even more eco-friendly initiatives in order to reduce their environmental impact. Allen says, “We really challenged ourselves as a business to say, ‘What else can we do to make our business more sustainable?’ and I’d say we’re really at the front-end of our journey.” The presentation started off with the announcement of ECOCOOL—an entire category of environmentally responsible products, technologies and actions that you can expect from Igloo. 

Igloo’s new initiatives include Thermecool Insulation, REPREVE and the world’s first bioplastic cooler. Thermecool is an entirely new insulation formula that is 50-times better than the California Air Resource Board standard. Thermecool is now being used in every one of Igloo’s 16 million coolers in production. REPREVE by Unifi is a fabric that is made from recycled water bottles. Each REPREVE bag (available at Target) is made from nine plastic water bottles. Igloo’s goal is to recycle one million water bottles in 2020. And the new bioplastic cooler is made from a plastic compound derived from a sugarcane plant. Vice President of Igloo Product Development Jeff Diamond says, “We’re making huge strides in the industry and leading the industry from an insulation perspective.”

Dr. Chad Nelson, CEO of Surfrider Foundation (a partner of Igloo) spoke concerningly about our planet at the launch event. “The oceans are being absolutely filled with plastic. It’s ubiquitous; it’s not an island in the middle. It’s a smog that’s swirling around,” Nelson explains. “One of the scary statistics is that there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean by 2050 if we don’t make some changes.” Nelson explains how oceans are on the frontline of climate change. “90% of the heat that we’ve put in the atmosphere has been reabsorbed into our oceans. These are real issues having a real impact on our ocean, waves and beaches. We couldn’t be more thrilled to be working with a company like Igloo that’s tackling so many of the issues that are so paramount to the health of our ocean and coasts,” Nelson says. Igloo EcoCool

Igloo is taking action, and now it’s your turn. Next time you’re heading to the store or find yourself ordering a big plastic cooler on Amazon, think again. Ditch your old plastic cooler and opt for these new, trendy, eco-friendly Igloo options. Coming next year, Igloo will even be offering the opportunity to bring your old ice-chest in to get an eco-friendly revamp. Eco-friendly is in, and Styrofoam and plastic are most definitely out. Igloo EcoCool

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