Scotty Sire
Scotty Sire

Internet Sensation Scotty Sire Opens up About Music, Inspiration and Success Off-Camera

The Viner-Turned-YouTuber Makes Strides Across the Entertainment Industry and the Country

Written By: Diego Gaxiola
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Scotty Sire is an artist, musician and composer whose impressive social media presence has created a name for himself in the entertainment industry. The Vine and YouTube star-turned-musician and composer released his first album, “Ruin Your Party,” in October of 2018. The alternative-pop and hip-hop influences throughout the album help give each song its own unique sound while the lyrics express important topics surrounding mental health. With a cross-country tour under his belt and an electrifying performance set for July 13 at the House of Blues Anaheim, Sire is proving to be an overall powerhouse in the entertainment industry. Scotty Sire

Sire was born and raised in Orange County, growing up in Huntington Beach with his parents and two younger brothers. Reminiscing about his childhood and how his parents incorporated music in his life, Sire recalls, “My dad used to sing us ‘King of the Road’ by Roger Miller before bedtime.” As he got older, Sire began to realize he loved entertaining people, especially his peers, and decided to focus more of his time and energy in the ever-expanding realm of social media. 

Sire’s dad used to say, “An idle mind is the devil’s playground,” and Scotty knew that social media would keep him busy and, more importantly, allow him to set goals focused on maintaining a career in the entertainment industry. Scotty Sire

Sire first gained popularity through the social media platform Vine, where his witty and hilarious six-second video clips amassed millions of viewers. While discussing the reasons why he first began uploading content onto his Vine and YouTube channels, Sire says, “It was just a lot of fun and I liked to entertain my friends.” However, Sire also distinguished social media platforms as a way of jump-starting his career in the entertainment industry. “Maybe if I go and build an audience on Vine, I can catapult myself into a more traditional career path like getting into acting or maybe doing a commercial,” says Sire. 

Due to the fast-growing popularity of his Vine account, Sire soon began to upload content regularly and developed friendships with other popular social media influencers. From 2015 to 2016, he was given the opportunity to showcase his acting skills in the movies Summer Forever and FML. FML, a movie about a pair of internet stars embarking on a cross-country road trip, was written and directed by Jason Nash, a friend of Sire’s and a fellow Vine star. Unfortunately, in January of 2017, the Vine app changed completely, leaving many like Sire unable to upload new videos to their accounts. Thankfully, Sire’s YouTube career had already taken off, allowing him to continue to reach his growing fanbase with his notoriously amusing video content.

When going through Sire’s YouTube channel, you can find a multitude of enjoyable videos to watch, from completely covering his buddy’s house in wrapping paper to surprising his mom with an amazing new Christmas gift. His Youtube channel is also where Sire’s alternative-pop and hip-hop style of music can be found, allowing fans a glimpse at both his personal and professional life.

When asked what musical genre he feels he fits into, Sire discussed how he shares the same philosophy as singer and songwriter, Post Malone. Malone is notorious for expressing that he does not want to be limited to one single genre because he actually finds inspiration in many different types of music. “That’s what I’m trying to do, too,” Sire explains. “Whatever feels right to me.” He feels that though his music may sound a certain way or possibly fit into a certain genre, he is continually inspired by individuals in diverse genres of music such as “Post Malone, twenty one pilots, broadway music and Britney Spears.”

His new song “Take Me Away” is a great example of his music style, mixing his sense of humor with self-reflection and irony. And his recent album, “Ruin Your Party,” doesn’t just sound phenomenal, it also touches on mental health issues that many individuals deal with every day. For Sire, a word of advice for those struggling with mental health issues is to try to find a creative outlet. “For me, music is my creative outlet right now,” he says. “I get to write down lyrics and get to talk about how I feel and that really helps me feel better.”

In March of this year, Sire traveled with his team across the country for his Ruin Your Party tour, hitting 13 major cities. Looking back at the tour highlights, Sire says, “I think one of the highlights of my Ruin Your Party tour was actually performing and seeing how people react to my songs.” He adds, “[I loved] doing the meet and greets. You get to meet a lot of people and sometimes I’m the first internet celebrity they’ve ever met and they freak out—it’s nice to know they care.” Scotty Sire

Though Sire has garnered millions of followers across his various social media accounts, he still has managed to stay down-to-earth and appreciative of his continued success. In person, Sire exudes a confidence that distinguishes himself in any setting, while still having a personality that encourages comfort and trust. When asked what possible advice he’d give to someone just starting out their careers in the entertainment industry, Sire states, “If you’re musically-inclined, focus on building yourself up in other ways outside of music so you will have a platform to build up from.” 

Sire is using his own platform to spark change within his Southern California community by focusing his attention on a number of important social issues that resonate with him. While discussing one of the events he and his girlfriend, Kristen McAtee, took part in, Sire says, “The Bright Flight was an opportunity for me to use my platform for good in order to make people aware of what is going on with the environment.” Sire and McAtee took a hands-on approach during this event by walking around the Santa Monica Pier and taking the time to educate individuals on the negative effects plastic straws have within our oceans. Sire explains, “The ocean is filling up with waste and it’s predicted that there will be more plastic than fish by 2050.”

Involvement within his community, whether it be through social media or events like The Bright Flight, is something Sire takes very seriously. Even as he makes strides in the music industry and travels across the country, he always returns to where he first began.

Though Sire’s sold-out US tour officially ended in March, there is still a chance for you to see him perform at House of Blues Anaheim on July 13. Sire, as well as his good friend Toddy Smith, put together a mind-blowing performance for fans and are even offering an intimate meet and greet for those interested. Get your tickets now before they sell out!

Scotty Sire

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