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Behind the Scenes of Our 2019 LA February Issue

Written By: Jennifer Pellerito
Videography By: Jesse Paz Magazine Nicole Ari Parker

An unbreakable work ethic can be spotted a mile away. For Nicole Ari Parker, there simply isn’t a light switch that turns her passion for her work on and off—it’s instilled in her personality through and through. Her focus and professionalism came together on the day of the shoot, a perfect counterpart to the deep intensity of the plush, velvet-upholstered furnishings at Poppy.

Wardrobe Stylist Sara Borgese selected looks that complemented Parker’s powerful stature and elegant demeanor. “Jewel tones look amazing on her,” said Borgese. “Her skin tone is just so gorgeous on the silvery-metallic pantsuit.” Plunging necklines and plenty of shimmer kept pace with Parker’s dynamic poses.

For hair, Stylist Kiyah Wright went in a burgundy-brown direction. “Nicole has these beautiful green eyes,” said Wright. “That always leads me into the direction of color.” The loose, rock-star layers gave Parker a look that matched the uninhibited, curling faux-foliage hanging from the ceiling above inside the nightclub. “We were going for a clean, fresh look, inspired by the beach,” said Makeup Stylist Astrid Monzon.

Although the ambient lighting inside the nightclub was rather dim, photographers Jared Schlachet and Joe Magnani commented: “It’s always tough to light in a club that’s dark, and then make it look not-so-dark. It’s a delicate balance.” The moody lighting added to the sultry atmosphere, along with hypnotic beats playing in the background. Quite frankly, to say the least, Parker killed it.

Later on, during our interview, I saw a side of Parker that was also easygoing and profoundly perceptive. She allowed room for vulnerability, openly sharing stories from both her personal and professional life. Despite the back-to-back schedule that a successful actress like Parker has, she took the time to respond thoughtfully, with the crystal-clear clarity that only someone who’s an expert in their field can command. Lucky for me, her natural poise, ability to laugh and steadfast determination is irresistibly infectious.