Ken Grody Ford’s 5 Road Trip Essentials That Will Help You Hit the Road With Confidence

Survive the Drive With These Helpful Tips

Expert: Ruben Piña
Job Title: General Manager at KG Custom Road Trip Essentials

After months of being cooped up, you’re probably itchin’ for some adventure. Whether it’s a trip to Joshua Tree or a simple cruise up the coast, the team at Ken Grody Ford is here to offer some tips to make sure you’re fully equipped for your next road trip. Here is KG Custom General Manager Ruben Piña’s essential checklist for your next escapade—wherever it may be!

Road Trip Essentials

Don’t Skip the Maintenance

“Fluids are the lifeblood of any car. Service intervals depend on mileage, so consider how far you’ve driven since your last service and how far you plan on driving on your trip. Then, decide what needs attention.”


Expect the Unexpected Road Trip Essentials

“You’ll definitely want to pack a first aid kit to ensure your safety. You can buy one or make your own DIY kit—either way, it’s a must.”


Tools to Survive 

“Never take any long drive without a car emergency kit. You never know what can happen on the road, and things like roadside flares, jumper cables or an emergency hammer can really save you some trouble or even save your life if it comes down to it!”

Road Trip Essentials

Chill Out 

“Everyone who’s done a road trip knows that your food options are limited mainly to fast food. A cooler is perfect for keeping healthier options, snacks and drinks cold during the ride.”

Road Trip Essentials

Bottle it Up

“Staying hydrated is always very important while traveling. With a reusable water bottle, you can get refills at gas stations and restaurants for free and save yourself some money.”


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