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Read Our OC October Issue Here! Locale Issue 84

Written By: Kaitlynn Labit Locale Issue 84
Photographed By: Wil Cohen Locale Issue 84
Styled By: Kaylee Jackson Locale Issue 84
Hair and Makeup By: Heather Balaam Locale Issue 84

Having never been to the Warwick before, I was in awe of the moody glitz and glam decor of the lounge. From the blue, velvet curtain and dark green walls to the black and gold accents throughout their lower level, I knew it was the perfect place to photograph Tony and October Gonzalez, who I had yet to meet.

When I walked upstairs, October, lovingly referred to as ‘Tobie,’ was sitting in a chair as hair and makeup artist Heather Balaam enhanced her natural beauty, and stylist Kaylee Jackson was excitedly hanging each look up on the rack, all while photographer Wil Cohen continued to test his lighting downstairs.

Everything we heard about Tony and Tobie being genuine, all-around great individuals and a real power couple was proving true with each conversation. It was only solidified when Tony decided I needed a nickname he could call me, deciding that ‘K-Lab’ fit me best.

Throughout the photoshoot, everyone watched them laugh in between poses, and we couldn’t stop commenting on how together, these two radiate. Tony and Tobie are simply, Tony and Tobie.

Talking to them didn’t feel like an interview, it felt like I was getting advice on life. There’s a passion that flows from their voices when they talk about who and what they love—family, people and traveling.

Their way of viewing the world is contagious. It’s filled with positivity and a strong sense of adventure no matter where they are or who they’re surrounded by, an outlook we can all use.

After wrapping the photoshoot, I said goodbye to Tony and Tobie and walked out of the Warwick, leaving with a sweet sense of familiarity of the place and people I had not known just two hours before.