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Written By: Blake Pinto Locale Takes you Through the Secrets of Dodger Stadium

Dodger stadium is a crown jewel of Los Angeles. The third oldest stadium in the country has played host to World Series champs, overpaid fiascos and millions upon millions of fans since it was originally opened in 1962. Through all those years, plenty of secrets and mysteries remain regarding the historic ballpark. So, it’s time to clear a few things up. These are just some of the secrets of Dodger stadium.

Dodgertown, CA.

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If you look up zip code 90090, no need to do a double take. What you saw was correct. Dodgertown has its very own zip code. It isn’t just a mythical realm, it’s a legitimate and legal address.


Nancy who?

Nancy Bea Hefley, that’s who! The woman has been playing the organ at the Dodgers home games for more than 25 years and is one of the last remaining organists in baseball. She’s probably the most recognizable sound to Dodger fans other than Vin Scully, but with nowhere near the same name recognition.


“Peanuts! Get your peeeeeanuts here!”

What is baseball without the peanut man? Before there were gourmet restaurants speckled throughout major league ballparks he was the guy. At Dodger stadium, traditions die hard, best seen with their famed peanut thrower Roger Owens. The guy even has his own website. Owens has been slanging nuts behind the back, through the legs and with deadeye accuracy for more than 50 years. He, along with three other peanut men, create a squad of nut hurlers with more than 200 years of combined experience.

Dodger Stadium

Las Tres Hermanas

Three of Dodger stadium’s most famous residents aren’t players, announcers, fans or even some type of three headed mascot. Nope, they’re a trio of palm trees affectionately named the “Three Sisters.” After being uprooted for renovations in 2014 they have been replanted in their original seats. The iconic palm trees epitomize southern California and are a staple of the third oldest stadium in the league.

There’s more than one Dodger Dog

That’s right! Sure you might think you’re eating a true Dodger Dog simply because you found a long hot dog lying around at some snack stand in the stadium. But, if you want the absolute real thing, you’re only options are going to be the food stands directly behind home plate. There you will find the glorious GRILLED DODGER DOG.

The next time you head down to Dodgertown be sure to keep these tidbits in mind as you take in the sights and sounds, and discover that you really can put down three Dodger Dogs.

Dodger Stadium
1000 Elysian Park Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90012
Tips and Tricks for Surviving Dodger Stadium

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