Meet the Best Hairstyles For Spring

Hairstylist Robin Felix’s insights to what trends and up and coming in hair including into spring and summer

Written By: Yasmin Yahyapour Meet the Best Hairstyles For Spring Felix Design Studio
Photos By: Tae Kwon

With countless salons around every corner of Los Angeles, it’s hard to pick and choose between all the city’s options. Not only that, but you want to trust your hair to the right stylist of course as well. Robin Felix, owner of Felix Design Studio in Rolling Hills Estates, knows a lot when it comes to how to have the best hairdo in town. He’s given us his insights on what hairstyle trends to look out for this spring. With spring coming up around the corner, we asked Robin how to get that healthy bouncy luscious hair. He’s provided us with information on the latest beauty products, hairstyles and trends for gorgeous locks.

Q: What hair trends are you seeing as most popular this spring season?

Robin Felix: I have seen a very popular trend right now of bright hues of silver with bright pastel ombrés for those with lighter colored hair including blondes. I believe that they will begin to be toned down by becoming soft creamy/beige.

Q: What about the trend for those with darker toned hair?

RF: Brunettes will also follow that change by toning out the bright colorful ombré to more of soft caramel/honey tones.

Q: What is your favorite hairstyle that you are hoping will come back?

RF:  What I see coming back are the fun and edgy shapes of the past. Sassoon inspired shapes, but with today’s modern forward looks. For men, the barbered looks of today will always be trendy and current, but I see longer and softer edges that can be styled loose and tousled or combed into a groomed polished style using a firmer styling product.

Q: What would be your best suggestion for keeping hair healthy and beautiful this spring?

RF My suggestion for keeping healthy beautiful hair is to always hydrate the hair by using a leave-in product that provides a lot of moisture to hair.

Q: Any particular beauty products you might recommend for that?

RF: I would recommend a leave-in product such as “Phyto 7” by Phyto, which is very much like a hand moisturizer, except for hair. This product is especially great for hair that is parched and needs quick instant moisture, without compromising volume or making hair feel greasy or sticky. The Phyto 7 is definitely a must have handbag essential.

You can definitely trust your hair to Robin and the other hair designers at Felix Design Studio, as they all attempt to provide VIP service and haircuts that would flatter their guests the most. Robin encourages constantly keeping hair moisturized, as it can certainly become dry due to conditions such as the weather, heating tools and insufficient beauty products. For spring, some popular hairstyles to take note of include a well defined, Sassoon-inspired sharp cut on the exterior and edgy and cropped layers on the interior, or the classic bob with a fun fringe!

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