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Credit: Tae Kwon
Credit: Tae Kwon

Kim K’s Trainer Gives Us Her Honest Tips on Staying Healthy During the Holidays

With Tru Grit Products, Working Out At Home Has Never Been Easier 

Name: Melissa Alcantara Kim Kardashian Trainer
Job Title: Fitness Coach and Founder of Fit Gurl Mel

Melissa Alcantara is a mother and a motivator, inspiring a community of over one million people on Instagram. Her “no BS” advice will help you do the work required to live your best life. Thanks to her training app and best-selling book, Alcantara’s support is always available to you! Her Fit Gurl brand is all about grit, so it’s no surprise she chooses to train with Tru Grit equipment. This rising fitness company believes in helping others be strong, resilient and determined to be the best at what they do. Alcantara shares her top tips to stay healthy during the holidays and the three Tru Grit goodies on her wish list this year.

Kim Kardashian Trainer

Build a Balanced Plate

Credit: Brooke Lark on Unsplash

“After many years of trying to figure out this whole ‘eat clean but tasty’ lifestyle, I’ve learned that you can actually have both, as long as it’s real food that the earth provides.”


Forgive and Forget

“The one thing I think people do is try to go all out and restrict themselves. If you indulge one day then go back to your normal routine the next day, not all is lost just because you had a little fun.”



Put YOU First

“I usually take care of my needs first and foremost. If you don’t take care of yourself, you can’t possibly take care of others. It’s a practice, then a mindset.”


Don’t Be Motivated, Get Disciplined 

“I don’t find motivation to tackle a new year; I find discipline in my day-to-day to have the motivation to keep fighting for the things I want and how I want to feel.”

Kim Kardashian Trainer

Start Today

Credit: Tae Kwon

“New year, new day, new hour—it’s all the same if you really think about it. Not every moment is going to be your best, but trust me, if you’re trying a little bit every day, then I promise that you are indeed doing your best.”



Did You Know? 



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Alcantara is the reason behind Kim Kardashian West’s famous figure. She has been the reality star’s personal trainer for the last four years!

Kim Kardashian Trainer

Get Fit at Home

Tru Grit came onto the fitness scene in 2019, and when the pandemic hit in early 2020, they took the initiative to supply the world with products to stay healthy and fit. 

Kim Kardashian Trainer

Mel’s Tru Grit Wish List:

Foam Competition Soft Plyo Box to step up her plyometric game

Competition Series Olympic Bumper Plates to help her train like a champion

Hex Elite Welded TPU Dumbbells Weights

Tru Grit Fitness 

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