If Teeth Whitening Seems Scary, Here’s 5 Reasons This New Technique in OC Will Change Your Mind—and Your Smile

You’re About to Be The Friend Who Doesn’t Need a Filter For Your Instagram Photo

Written By: Gaby Garcia
Photographed By:  Zo’e Cole OC Teeth Whitening

Eyes may be the windows to the soul, but a smile can be just as illuminating. Beautiful, gleaming teeth convey confidence, good health and overall well-being. And now, at Naturally White OC, the gorgeous smile you’ve always wanted can be yours in just one visit. Using a plant and mineral-based formula in a spa-like, tranquil setting, Naturally White OC guarantees to lighten your pearly whites three to 12 shades, in half the time as other treatments. So whether you’re tying the knot, interviewing for that dream job or just want to up your selfie game, make an appointment at Naturally White and get ready to shine!

OC Teeth Whitening

Straight Cheesin’

The Services

Who said that behind every beautiful thing, there’s some kind of pain? Obviously, Bob Dylan never visited Naturally White in Corona del Mar. Naturally White’s 60-minute, in-office cosmetic teeth whitening uses a proprietary plant and mineral-based system that gently lifts stains and whitens your teeth without damaging the enamel.  The service is guaranteed to brighten your smile by three to 12 shades in just one session, and when done in conjunction with their Boost Remineralizing Gel treatment, your enamel will be sealed and stronger, helping maintain the longevity of your new and improved grill.

OC Teeth Whitening

So How Does This Work?

The Tools

Naturally White’s 60-Minute Whitening process includes the use of FDA-approved, low UV, LED lights, which accelerate the whitening process, creating gorgeous smiles in half the time as other treatments.  First, a Boost Remineralizing Gel is applied and allowed to sit, followed by three increments of its food-based, carbon peroxide whitening gel. By the time you’ve checked your email and handles, your smile will be transformed.

OC Teeth Whitening

Hi, Welcome!

The Staff

Naturally White’s staff is warm, friendly and dedicated to making you comfortable (think warm, lavender-scented pillows and cozy blankets) from the moment you walk in the door. Sherry Smith, Naturally White OC’s manager and whitening technician, is beyond wonderful and treats you like a guest at her home who has arrived for a cup of coffee and an afternoon chat.  Naturally White Bonus: Come in for an improved smile and walk out with a new BFF.

So How Was It?

The Experience

No drills, just frills. The beautiful lobby of Naturally White’s “studio” welcomes you with soft lighting, music and modern, warm decor.  Once you’ve checked in, a shade guide is used to determine where you are and where you’re going post-treatment. After getting tucked in, the process begins, and your whitening technician keeps you company throughout the visit.  An hour later, you walk out feeling renewed and confident, ready to conquer the world.



The Results

Naturally White’s camera-ready results can last up to one year.  But, unless you’re willing to forfeit your daily double espresso and “occasional” glass of Malbec, you should plan on visiting Naturally White every six months for a routine touch-up.  Want to ensure a radiant smile between treatments? Naturally White offers take-home products including whitening toothpaste and pro home whitening kits.

Naturally White OC
2711 E Coast Hwy, Ste C

Corona Del Mar, CA 92625

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