The Secret’s in the Sauce—Board & Brew Opens 3 New SoCal Locations 

You Can Now Get Your Sandwich Fix in 3 New Neighborhoods

Originating in sunny San Diego in 1979, Board & Brew has become a city staple with their ridiculously delicious sandwiches and impressive array of craft beers. Since opening their original Del Mar location, the hip sandwich haven has expanded its reach to other communities close by, making a name for themselves among locals everywhere. With three new locations officially opening in 2021, even more lucky SoCal dwellers will have the opportunity to indulge in Board & Brew’s famous California Delight or classic Turkado! Board & Brew Locations

According to Clayton Wheeler, one of Board & Brew’s franchise owners, the new locations in Escondido, Poway and UTC are sure to impress the local communities. “I’ve been with Board & Brew for over eight years, and through those eight years, we have definitely seen steady growth with the brand. That being said, we decided to open up these new locations after we saw such amazing customer loyalty through the pandemic,” Wheeler explains.

“We see a good opportunity to enter these other markets that we’ve been missing out on to make Board & Brew a special part of these communities.” Board & Brew Locations

Board & Brew customers can expect all of the beloved classics they’ve come to love, from the secret sauce to the craft beer. “These new spots will have the same great menu and the same secret sauce,” Wheeler says. “In addition to the food, we’ll have all of our rotating beers on tap, so there will always be a new beer to try out.” Of course, another part of what makes Board & Brew such a special hotspot is its laid-back, apres-surf atmosphere. “We always try to get creative with our layouts,” Wheeler says. “Typically, we have our indoor-outdoor bars, and that trend will continue at the Poway and Escondido locations.” 

While these new sandwich destinations will possess the same style and success of Board & Brew’s legacy, it’s the fact that more people will now have the opportunity to make this local business a part of their routine that Wheeler finds most exciting. “We have a loyal customer following in each of these three markets, but we weren’t able to find the right places to set up shop until now. I think that the demographics in these areas will truly resonate with Board & Brew, and in turn, Board & Brew will resonate with these communities,” says Wheeler.

For those heartbroken over the fact that Board & Brew hasn’t yet made its way to your neck of the woods, fear not! With a possible fourth location currently in the works, it is possible that a Board & Brew Turkado sandwich and craft beer are closer than you think. 

Photography Provided By: Board & Brew

Allie Lebos graduated from the University of California, Santa Barbara in 2017 with a BA in Communication. While in school she was a staff writer at The Daily Nexus for nearly two years. Since graduating she has written for The Palisades Magazine, as well as Hidden Hills Magazine. Currently living in Santa Monica, Allie loves to indulge in good food, hot yoga, and daily walks along the beach; writing articles on travel, special events, as well as features on local businesses and individuals.




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