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How to Get Your Car Ready for Your Next Road Trip

Written By: Rachelle Cano
Photographed By: Ed Visions  Grand Prix Performance Costa Mesa

Road trips are always a fun way to spend some time away from home. You can always just jump in your car, start blasting some music and make your way out onto the open road, but maybe it’s best to take a step back and have your ride checked out to make sure you don’t find yourself on the side of that road. That’s when popping in to see our friends at Grand Prix Performance is a good idea.

For nearly 50 years, Grand Prix Performance has been helping Orange County locals with all of their automotive needs. Recently we sat down with Jessica Palanjian Rankin, whose family owns Grand Prix Performance, to chat about the best way to get your vehicle road trip ready. “As one of the top high performance tire and wheel shops on the West Coast, we can definitely help you get ready for a fun and safe trip. Since my father founded the company in 1971, our heritage of innovation and excellence in the automotive industry has translated to more satisfying experiences for our customers, which is of course our ultimate goal,” said Rankin.

Rankin also recommends a pre-road trip tire inspection. “Your tires are your only connection to the road, so it’s our recommendation to get them inspected before you head out of town” she said. “Proper tire inflation is key to a safe journey. We always check the spare as well because there is nothing worse than finding out you have a useless spare tire when you’re stuck in the middle of nowhere,” Rankin said with a smile.

Dark, starry nights are wonderful once you’ve set up your tent, but when driving you definitely want to be able to see the road and not have to worry about your car. A quick mechanical and visual check is a good next step. Make sure your fluid levels are topped off, your brakes are working properly and your lights and wiper blades are in good shape. Regarding possible emergencies, Rankin’s advice is to “be a good Boy or Girl Scout and make sure you have an emergency kit ready.” She recommends having flashlights, flares, a medical kit and fire extinguisher. “And while you’re in safety mode,” she explained, “make sure you have a tire iron, a phone charger, a blanket or two and plenty of bottled water as well.”

You want your trip to feel spontaneous, but you definitely want your route to be solid. So, decide on your preferred navigation tools. Rankin recommends saving Google Maps for offline use, or printing some routes out in advance in case you hit a spot with no cell reception. Happy travels!

Grand Prix Performance’s Road Trip Ready Services

-Free Tire Inspection
-Free Brake Inspection
-Free Alignment Check
-Tires and Wheels
-Window Tinting
-Oil Change
-Fluids Check
-Snow Chains & Cables
-Car Wash

For the Music Lovers: Rankin recommends creating a unique playlist for your trip. “Creating your very own soundtrack is the best way to preserve the awesome memories of your road trip, especially when your trip is fun, fruitful and without flat tires. Enjoy the ride!” said Rankin.

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Grand Prix Performance Costa Mesa Shares Tips on Keeping Your Car in Tip Top Shape