This #GirlBoss is Proving the Future is Female

This Female Business Owner is the Boss, In Life and In Work

Written by: Quintan Valles Ruthless Fine Jewellery

“Sparkles make me happy” says Ruth Dresser of Ruthless Fine Jewellry, located in the upscale hustle and bustle of El Paseo Drive in Palm Desert. This stylish strip of quaint shops and fancy vibes has all you need for tasteful finery and hand-crafted products with Ruthless Fine Jewellery being one of the best in its class.

Starting with 500-square-feet in 2015 to now in an expanded 4,000-square-foot space, Ruth is on the rise and showing desert dwellers all of the decadent possibilities fine jewelry has to offer. “Fine Jewellery is all about craftsmanship,” says Ruth, “it needs to be detailed, and when you’re working with the best you have to have the best.”

And Ruth knows a thing or two about working with the best. Starting her diamond-studded career with names like Tiffany & Co. and De Beers to taking on the bold endeavor of starting her own business here in the desert, Ruth knew that she needed to stand out amongst the crowd and show her creativity.

“It was a lot of work,” she recalls, “a lot of research and investment, but its been very rewarding. I like to accomplish what I set out to do and help people,” she continues, “I like talking to people and that’s why I’m in this business, its customer service.”

But for Ruth, customer service is more like creating friendships. ““My customers  become my friends. And my friends become my customers. I have all kinds; it’s a long list,” she smiles. And all of Ruth’s friends have custom designed pieces to give to their special someone, or to wear and stand out amongst the crowd. Ruth creates conversation pieces to wear on your body and she will continue crafting these masterpieces to feed her passion for creating and her endless love of all things sparkly.

Q&A With Ruth Dresser

Q: What do you look to for inspiration?

Ruth Dresser: I like nature and simple things. I like rounded lines and squared lines but still very simple, I think less is more.

Q: What is it like being a female business owner in the desert?

RD: It’s not very easy, I’ll tell you that right now. Everyone gives you a lot of unwanted opinions and recommendations of how to do things. And as a woman, I will greet people in the store and they ask me for the owner, its pretty funny. I could be in here with a construction worker and they will probably talk to the construction worker first.

Q: What are your plans for the future?

RD: I’m going to London to take a class and a little vacation there. I’m really looking forward to taking this class and learning a little bit more about jewelry. I graduated from G.I.A., but learning is a process and you have to stay up to date.

Q: How do you like being in the desert?

RD: I love it! It’s 100 degrees and I like it. I was born in the desert and I’m always cold. I’m like a lizard. I like the heat.

Q: Why jewelry? What does it mean to you?

RD: My mother found some old magazine clippings that I had done when I was probably four years old of diamond rings, I don’t even remember liking jewellery back then, but I guess I had it in me since the beginning. I just like them, sparkles—they make me happy.

Ruthless Fine Jewellery
73111 El Paseo 106 A
Palm Desert, CA 92260

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