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How to Do Spring Break Like a Newport Beach Local

The Dos and Don’ts of Spring Break in Newport Beach

Whether you’re graduating soon or reliving your college days, spring break is the perfect time to shake off the dust from the daily grind and let loose. But don’t worry if you can’t or don’t feel like jet-setting internationally for spring break this year—Newport Beach has everything you need for a week full of fun, sun and maybe a little revelry to go with it. Check out this list of dos and don’ts when it comes to spring breaking in Newport Beach! Spring Break Newport Beach


What to Skip

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Let’s just get this part out of the way, shall we? There are so many fun and amazing things to do in Newport Beach, and this list is all about highlighting the best ones (from a local’s perspective, of course), but here are three definite don’ts for your bacchanal-ish break.

Don’t: Rent the Multi-Person Tandem Bike for a Boardwalk or Beach Ride

As people who have personally made this error, we urge you to learn from our mistakes. All the photos of people smiling and having a good time on those things? Emmy-worthy acting. Unless you and your friends work well as a team and all have great, equal stamina, we recommend renting individual bikes or simply walking the pier and boardwalk. 

Spring Break Newport Beach

Don’t: Plan on Spending More Than 30 Minutes at the Fun Zone

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Are we nostalgic for one of the oldest seaside fun zones in California? Yes. Should you pass through it to capture some cute photos in front of the Ferris wheel and get a Balboa Bar? Yes. Do you need to spend all day there? Don’t count on it—unless you really, really love arcades. However, word on the street is that it’s getting a major renovation…

Spring Break Newport Beach

Don’t: Drink and Drive (or Ride)

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This should be pretty obvious, but we’re here to engrave it in your brain just a little bit more. Just. Don’t. We’re all for a good time, but putting yourself and others at risk is a major party foul. Newport Beach is delightfully walkable and has plenty of Ubers and Lyfts, so don’t sully your trip with a DUI (or worse). 



What to Do

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Now that that’s done, let’s focus on the fun stuff! While you’ll definitely want to hit all the spring break essentials like spending the day on the beach or poolside at your hotel, here are some extracurricular activities for you to add to your go-do list.

Spring Break Newport Beach

Do: Visit Lido Marina Village

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We highly recommend setting a day aside to spend in Lido Marina Village. Shop around cute stores like Alchemy Works, Marrow Fine and Faherty while sipping on a turmeric coconut latte from Malibu Farm. Then, grab a deli-style sandwich to go from Rye Goods, which is best enjoyed with some seltzers while cruising the harbor on your own electric boat (read more below!). To kick off your night, head to Lido Bottle Works for shared plates, craft beverages and plenty of opportunities to mingle.


Do: Rent an Electric Boat

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Since you’re already at Lido Marina Village, take advantage of the opportunity to hop on an electric boat and cruise with your crew. Vision Electric Boat Rental offers a fleet of colorful boats that can be rented at an hourly rate, and it’s one of the best ways to witness the natural beauty of Newport Beach. If you’re planning on renting it for the majority of the day, you’ll definitely want to dock and dine at these bayfront restaurants. 

Spring Break Newport Beach

Do: Visit Balboa Island

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If you did make your way to the Balboa Fun Zone on the ferry and want to see what else you can do in the area, we recommend grabbing a creamy Balboa Bar or frozen banana (any “Arrested Development” fans?) from Dad’s Donuts and taking a stroll to enjoy all of the local shops and eateries. More of a planner? Don’t worry, we have the perfect itinerary for you to spend the day on Balboa Island.


Do: Eat Like a Local

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Want to eat like a proper Newport Beach native? There’s no shortage of places to grab an unforgettable meal, and there’s a spot to fit any vibe. If you’re hungry for local flavor, grab a bagel sandwich from Shirley’s, a pizza from Laventina’s, a seafood burrito from Bear Flag or an acai bowl from Banzai Bowl. Feeling your material girl fantasy? Head to Nobu, Lido House or San Shi Go for impeccable surf and turf.

Spring Break Newport Beach

Do: Drink Like a Local

If eating in Newport Beach is the highlight of our day, then drinking will be the highlight of your night! What we love about Newport is how classy it is, but that doesn’t mean it’s like that all of the time. We recommend heading to a dive bar to really let loose and have fun. Some of our favorite watering holes include Cassidy’s Bar & Grill, Class of 47 and Beach Ball, but no matter which bar you pull up to, we know you’re in for a good time.


Wishing you a fun, safe and unforgettable Spring Break—see you out there!

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