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Written By: Taylor Gorski Spring Cleaning Tips

We’re all being extra cautious about our cleanliness right now—and for good reasons! Since we’re spending more time than usual inside, in the comfort of our homes, why not spruce up your space with some spring cleaning. Create a serene sanctuary that you enjoy working in, and more importantly—living in. Tackle one project at a time, and finish feeling accomplished. 

Happy spring cleaning! 


1 | Cleaning Products  Spring Cleaning Tips

Blueland is changing the game of cleaning products. Simply fill the Blueland bottle with water, drop in the cleaning tablet and you’re good to get your scrub on. Buy a bottle once and you’ll get $2 non-toxic refills for life. “5 billion plastic cleaning bottles are thrown away every year,” says co-founder and CEO Sarah Paiji Yoo, “Blueland provides a more convenient, affordable and effective solution.” Four different tablets exist to clean multi-surface, glass and bathroom areas. A foaming hand soap is also available, Yoo’s personal favorite product. 

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2 | A Deep Clean Spring Cleaning Tips

First things first, have some fun with your cleaning day! Blast some music, open your windows for fresh air, light a candle and put on your comfiest clothes. Start by cleaning those tough areas you don’t always reach on a weekly basis. Remove items off shelves and desks to clean away any dust, wipe down all surfaces, vacuum the floors and couch—and yes, even scrub the shower. Don’t forget the windows, cracks and crevices and inside kitchen appliances. Wash your rugs, dish towels and bedding while polishing your house!

3 | Organization 

After your house is sparkling, and before you begin organizing, gather some inspiration by watching Tidying Up with Marie Kondo on Netflix, scrolling through The Home Edit’s Instagram feed or checking out the documentary Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things. Order bins, drawers and shoe racks to maximize space and help keep items all in one place. As you take on your closet, make piles of items that will either be donated or thrown away. Now is also the time to tackle those junk drawers, makeup cabinets and under the bathroom sink (all the areas you’ve been avoiding). Consider color coordinating your closet, books and other supplies for the ultimate aesthetic. 


4 | Serene Space 

After you’re done cleaning everything, you should be feeling lighter in your space with unnecessary clutter ready to be donated or thrown away. Clear any negative energy in your home by burning sage, otherwise known as smudging. Set an intention and let the sage burn as you walk throughout each room of your home. Invest in an air purifier to cycle clean, fresh air throughout your space. Essential oil diffusers are also a great way to make your house smell like a spa while bringing a sense of calmness to the area. Fluff your pillows, give everything one last wipe down and relax! Ahhh, to be in a fresh space is such a peaceful feeling. 

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