At Liftique in Newport Beach, Summer Bodies Are Made in the Spring

Spring Has Officially Sprung! It’s Time to Get Your Confidence Up and Your Body Lookin’ Good

Written By: Brittany Lawrence  Summer Body Ready
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Winter is nearing its end, which means it is almost time to show off those summer bods as swimsuit season approaches. For most, summer bodies need a head start, and that’s where Liftique comes in.  Summer Body Ready

Liftique, located in Newport Beach, is a Precision Aesthetic and Sexual Wellness Practice, and they’ve got your back—literally! From non-surgical skin tightening to cellulite, and so much more! Liftique wants to help get your summer body ready and gain confidence with their new SnapBack Lipo and Bye, Bye Cellulite procedures. And yes, they do work! Summer Body Ready

Liftique’s SnapBack Lipo is a combination of liposuction with radio frequency skin tightening. But what is the difference between this procedure and traditional liposuction? “Unlike liposuction that just removes fat pockets and doesn’t treat the skin, and as we age our collagen and elastin decreases so the skin does not have the ability to tighten back on its own,” explains Meryl Kern, founder and president of Liftique, “SnapBack Lipo tightens and firms the skin in order to stimulate the reformation of collagen and elastin, which helps the skin literally snap back to tighten and form a smooth skin surface.” SnapBack Lipo is minimally invasive and helps get rid of unwanted fat deposits in the places that are hard to target with diet and exercise: arms, abs, waist and thighs. “It is a one-and-done procedure with downtime of about three to five days of achiness,” says Kern. 

Areas of cellulite—the bumpy look on the back of many buttocks and thighs—are something most women of all shapes and sizes deal with. Liftique’s Bye, Bye Cellulite procedure targets these areas to help improve the appearance of your skin. “This procedure works by reducing the fat bulges while tightening the skin, which reduces the appearance of cellulite bumps and lumps,” says Kern. Also minimally invasive, this procedure removes the fat, “using radio frequency energy, stimulates the skin to reform and regenerate our collagen and elastin,” says Kern, “These two very important proteins create firm and tight skin.” As opposed to the SnapBack Lipo procedure, this is a multi-treatment procedure. Depending on the severity of the cellulite, patients may have anywhere between three to six sessions, with a one-day downtime.


Whatever your body goal may be, Liftique has got you covered. Put those swimsuits and shorts on with confidence this season and remember, summer bods are made in the spring! Summer Body Ready

3701 Birch St
Newport Beach, CA 92660 Summer Body Ready
424.313.7960 Summer Body Ready

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