Take a Look and Take Your Pics, Refinery 29’s 29Rooms Returns to Los Angeles for Five Days

Quick! Before Someone Walks Through The Photo!

Written By: Brittany Lawrence
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Now in its fourth year, Refinery29’s 29Rooms has returned to Los Angeles Dec. 5-9 with its “Expand Your Reality” experience. Unlike many pop-ups, 29Rooms is not just for taking selfies. This unique experience also includes live performances and a chance to interact with the people around you. Let’s be real though, there are more than enough opportunities to snap one, or 29 photos, for the Gram. So be sure to wear the perfect outfit since you will have a lot to share, but might I suggest comfortable yet fashionable shoes as there are 29 sites to see. You are about to enter a safe space of artists and culture that will leave you with a new sense of self, like you can create a new world, and in fact, you can. “Expand Your Reality, transform your mind. 29Rooms is whatever you find.” -29Rooms

29 Rooms

Get Ready for Take-Off

Room 1

Enter into the first the venue, SHAKE IT OUT, which is a collaboration with Egle Zvirblyte. Get ready to open your mind and enter into a magical world.

29 Rooms

Dance Party Fever

Room 2

Say “yes!” to a sparkling dance party! The second room, INNER BEAUTY BALL, in collaboration with House Of Yes, will no doubt invite you in and fill you to the brim with happiness you cannot even try to contain. Dance with the glittering cast and let your true self loose.

29 Rooms

Listen in the Dark

Room 3

Go down below into the darkness to experience SONIC SANCTUARY, in collaboration with Aaron Taylor Kuffner. Hear the music made by the robotic Gamelatron and sit in the faint red light taking it in.

Follow Your Shadow

Room 4

With the music from Sonic Sanctuary, watch the dancers and their silhouettes in SONIC SHADOW, in collaboration with Aye Hasegawa. As they move together, don’t be afraid to dance with your own shadow.

Together in Stained Glass

Room 5

Take a colorful walk through a stained-glass corridor to experience IN LIGHT OF YOU, in collaboration with José A. Roda, where labels do not exist, but togetherness merges to brighten our world.

Your Future Is in the Palm of Your Hands

Room 6

Ever been curious about your future? Then step on up and have a BLIND DATE WITH DESTINY and let a stranger read your palm. Be brave and stick your hand through the wall and see what your future holds.

A Room Fit for a Queen

Room 7

The 7th room, A LONG LINE OF QUEENDOM, in collaboration with Unity In Color, is a tribute for the black female experience. Read and take in all of the notes and names on the walls in this temple of gold.

Who Runs Hollywood? WOMEN!

Rooms 8-9

THE FULL PICTURE, in collaboration with TNT’s drama, “Shatterbox,” is a two-part room to show that although women make up half the population, in 2017 only 8 percent of the top directors were women. Shatterbox is a new series by Refinery29 and TNT to encourage female storytellers not just on camera but also behind it.  

You Know, Right?!

Room 10

Step onto the game show set of KNOW! YOUR! RIGHTS!, in collaboration with American Civil Liberties Union. Spin the game wheel to learn about different rights when it comes to voting, women, the LGBTQ+ community and immigrants’ rights, or see how strong you are and take a swing with the Power of Action!  


Catch a Falling Star

Room 11

Stargaze in the California desert, soaking up all of the stardust that is shared in everything and with everyone. STAR MATTER, in collaboration with Nicole Richie, takes you back to the cosmic 1970s where you can connect and share in love and music.

Get to Know a Perfect Stranger

Room 12

Find some human connections with 29 QUESTIONS. With the growth of technology, there are fewer opportunities to actually connect with another person. Dare to find someone you don’t know, take a seat and ask the 29 questions on the cards. You may walk out with a new friend or at least, a new secret handshake.

A Soft Place to Land

Room 13

Reminisce on your teenage bedroom and let this furry time machine take you to that safe place. TEEN BEDROOM, in collaboration with Uzumaki Cepeda, wants you to reflect on your teenage years and remember the sanctuary you made your own.

Show Me the Money

Room 14


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MONEY MANTRAS, in collaboration with Refinery29’s Money Diaries, brings to light the money taboo with women. The new book gives advice and tips on affording life and getting rich. Gain some inspiration and power in this piggy-bank filled room.


Room 15

Take a break from all of the bad news and visit THE VALUES STAND, the place to find out what good is happening and join the cause. Make a difference and stay informed!

Because Play Is Worth It

Room 16

Walk through the playground PLAY, RESCUE, RESET, in partnership with Pantene. Push through the ribbon walls to discover their hair secret and remember what it feels like to play.

Feel It Out

Room 17

Go on an amazing adventure through a cave, but you can’t see a thing. IN TOUCH, in collaboration with Whisperlodge, is an experience of touch where you find your way through with nothing but your sense of touch and sound. Allow yourself to be blindfolded and trust in yourself.

Indulge in Your Inner Child

Room 18

In this interactive experience, A CONVERSATION WITH YOUR INNER CHILD, in collaboration with Carlota Guerrero, dig down deep and find your inner child again. Reconnect with yourself and write your inner child a message for the wall.  

Let the Artist Be Your Guide

Room 19

Don’t just look at the art, be part of the art. In ARTISTS IN RESIDENCE, in collaboration with Sage Adams, Stephanie DeAngelis, Mary Margaret Groves and Carolyn Suzuki, collaborate with the artists and unleash your creativity.

Discover What Lies Between the Sheets

Room 20

Start on a deep journey with BETWEEN THE SHEETS, in collaboration with Rupi Kaur, guided by Kaur’s poetry. Find healing and self-love and leave your phone away to really leave the weight of the world behind.


Watch the Show

Room 21

Watch and listen at A DIFFERENT TUNE, in collaboration with GLAAD, Trans Chorus of Los Angeles and Tonality, as two different LA choirs sing to express empowerment and unity.

What the World Needs Now Is A Love Note

Room 22

The world is in dire need of some love right now. LOVE LETTER TO THE WORLD, in collaboration with Cocovan, is an ongoing project with thousands of participants from 115 countries. Join them and write a love letter to the world, from the world. A letter so big, it is already taller than the Eiffel Tower!


No Filter Required

Rooms 23-24

Filters are used on so many of our pictures today, so why not learn how to use light to your advantage? NO FILTER features two creative lighting methods to help you see your photos in a new way featuring color, shadows, and of course light!


The Spotlight Is on You

Room 25

Get up on stage and do something marvelous! CLAIM THE STAGE, in partnership with Amazon Prime Video, features a “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” set up where you too can see your name in lights.


Look for Magic

Rooms 26-27

Travel out of LA and into a magical crystal cave. YOU ARE MAGIC, in collaboration with The Hoodwitch, guides you to dig deep and find the magic inside you, for you are a light in this world.


Dive Into Space

Room 28

Get ready to explore a galaxy at the bottom of the ocean. DEEP SEA GALAXY: WELCOME TO MY MIND, in collaboration with Kesha, takes you to the depths of the waters and opens your imagination to a magical world filled with jellyfish planets and constellation bubbles.


Surround Yourself with History

Room 29

Experience a four-part video installation enclosed by four screens. OH SAY CAN YOU SEE, in collaboration with Lena Waithe, follows American history through decades of violence and discrimination being met by Black protest, heroes, art, and more.

29Rooms at The Reef
1933 S Broadway
Los Angeles, CA 90007

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