Tired of Nights on the Couch? Here’s 8 Date Ideas That Will Help You and Your Boo Explore OC (Safely)

These Outside-the-Box Date Ideas Will Steal Your Heart 

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By this time, you’re probably tired of sitting on the couch watching Netflix with your SO. But with restrictive social distancing measures in place, planning the perfect date can be tough—especially if you have to sport a mask the whole time. The days of virtual Facetime dates and nights on the couch are out, my friends. We’ve generated a list of creative, out-of-the-box date ideas that are sure to get you back in the game, while still adhering to safety guidelines. These unforgettable adventures are your next romantic breakthrough!


1 | Splurge on a “Three-Act” Dinner

Since 1972, The Hobbit has provided guests with an incomparable dining experience made up of multicourse, French-inspired fare. Described as a “three-act play,” an evening at The Hobbit begins in a wine cellar (Act I) and moves up into a polished nook where you and your date are seated at a private table to enjoy a seafood course, followed by a fowl or light meat and then a salad course. After enjoying an “intermission” on the patio, you and your date are invited back to your table for a palate-cleansing sorbet, followed by the main entrée. The night is wrapped up with dessert, and your choice of coffees and after-dinner liqueurs (Act III). A date at The Hobbit is an evening well spent—trust us on this one.


2 | Plan a Boujee Picnic Fun Date Ideas Orange County

We’re talking, “the works:” a blanket, an ocean view, a bottle of champagne and a hand-crafted charcuterie board is sure to impress anyone! If you’re in need of some charcuterie inspo, let the experts at Huntington Beach’s Monks Addiction help you create the perfect pairings with cheeses, meats, crackers and all the fixins. You can learn how to pair it like a pro here!


3 | Rent a Private Boat Fun Date Ideas Orange County

Who doesn’t love the salty sea air on a sun-drenched SoCal afternoon? Impress the best with this clever way to get cozy. Newport Beach’s Electric Boat Rental at Lido Marina Village offers easy-to-operate boats that encompass all the adventure of sailing the open seas, without the hassle (or know-how). Rack up extra points with the one you love by packing a thoughtful meal to enjoy at sea. We guarantee you won’t be getting voted off the island any time soon. 


4 | Spend a Day at Pacific City

Pacific City is the ideal casual date spot if you fancy shopping and eating amid breathtaking waterfront views. Situated on the breezy coastline of Huntington Beach, this luxury lifestyle destination is home to some of the best scenery SoCal has to offer. Grab a spot on the Ocean Deck or a drink at one of the center’s signature restaurants and take it all in. You and your date are sure to catch all the feels at this Orange County entertainment mecca.


5 | Catch a Flick at the Drive-in Fun Date Ideas Orange County

Don’t be fooled by the concept, this is anything but your average dinner-and-a-movie date plan. Garden Amp is an open-air venue located next to Village Green Park on Main St in Garden Grove. Pick up takeout from your favorite local restaurant and enjoy a romantic night at the drive-in! For a full list of upcoming movies, check the Garden Amp website.

6 | Hike Through Laguna Beach 

Nothing gets the adrenaline pumping and the endorphins racing quite like living on the edge. Take your relationship to new heights and make a lasting impression by planning an exhilarating beach hike; be sure to pick a winner like Valido Trail, which is less known and hardly ever crowded. This hiker’s trifecta boasts a moderately challenging ascent, a trail that isn’t too long (only about 1 mile) and boasts some of the most romantic views in OC. With ocean and mountain views as far as the eyes can see, this is a sure-fire way to get to know one another while sneaking in a great workout. There are plenty of trails in the area from which to choose, but you can let the semi-steep nature of Valido be your excuse to reach a hand out to your counterpart. 


7 | Rent Paddleboards Fun Date Ideas Orange County

It’s not just us; it’s a well-known fact that everyone loves a peachy California sunset. What better way to catch some rays with your sweetie than on your own stand-up paddleboards right in Sunset Beach. Swimsuits, laughter and an upper-body workout? Yes, please! Test your skills while you cut across waves and twist against the currents, all while maneuvering into a mind-blowing date experience. Friendly staff is available to walk you through the process, so you can both be safely on your way in minutes. Remember, balance is key!

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