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Getting Framed? That Sounds Like a Job For Parker, Warby Parker

Written By: Melissa Mitchell and Gina Magnuson

The Expert: Dave Gilboa
Credentials: Co-Creator of Warby Parker

In the world of Dave Gilboa, the expression making a spectacle of yourself takes on a whole new meaning. After misplacing his glasses on a backpacking trip and blurrily facing the reality of the replacement bill, Dave and his three friends, Neil Blumenthal, Jeff Raider and Andy Hunt decided to take matters into their own hands and revamp the world of eyewear. From necessity grew the brilliant invention of a cost-effective, convenient, and ultra-stylish eyewear brand that we can’t take our eyes off of today: Warby Parker. This at home try-on, online-origin eyewear enterprise now has a spattering of store locations, a ton of fresh designs and . . . (dramatic pause) a new line of sunglasses! Here’s to lookin’ at you, Dave!

As I sat wearing my Wilkie frames in color: sugar maple, I could hardly contain my excitement knowing I was about to speak with one of the creators of this visionary brand. Dave and co. completely transformed the eyewear arena for the better with the creation of their eye-mazing company. With a convenient in-home try on process, you can select a handful of frames online and try them on (for free!) right in your homes. Repeat the process until you’ve found the frames of your dreams (with so many homerun designs, it won’t take long!) and simply send the rest back, identify your selection and email in your prescription. You’ll be rocking chic (and affordable) eyewear in no time.

Reluctant about online eyewear shopping or worried your order will get lost in cyberspace? Speaking from experience, we can say with certainty that the staff at Warby Parker will see to it that you’re completely satisfied. Dave assures us that customer satisfaction has always been high on their list. At the forefront of this undertaking, the WP creators knew they wanted to make a business that they were proud of and ensuring that both their employees and customers were treated the way they would want to be treated was at the top of their list. Warby Parker’s customer satisfaction and approval ratings speak for themselves with numbers consistently soaring above average. For those of you who are in it for the storefronts, Warby Parker stores are starting to pop up all over! Southern Californians couldn’t be happier about a store location opening in Dave’s hometown, San Diego. What’s ahead for Warby Parker? With a new sunglasses line out in time for summer and some new, innovative crystal based frames, it’s safe to predict that WP’s future will be quite long (and clearly visible). Whether you’re in the market for near-sighted or far specs, need progressive lenses or sunglasses, Warby Parker is the perfect sight for our sore eyes.

Dave’s Fave: While Dave couldn’t necessarily narrow down a favorite (we don’t blame him, they’re all amaze!) he couldn’t hide his excitement for the newly created Haskell specs. These fresh frames are offered in a variety of colors, including several two-toned, crystal based options that are eye-style trailblazers!

Next Specs: Along with the ever changing glasses and sunnies that keep rolling out, WP continues to streamline its already-efficient service model. At present, their wheels are turning behind the lens to generate a more mobile-friendly website so consumers can access everything Warby Parker with ease from their smartphones. Just when we thought these guys couldn’t make it any easier on us!

Pair Share: Did you know that Warby Parker partners with nonprofit organizations to facilitate a Buy-a-Pair, Give-a-Pair program? Yep, for each pair of specs sold, they’ll give away a pair of frames to a person in need of eyewear. At $95 a pair, they’re practically giving them away to us (#amiright?!).

Native Knowledge: So, who is this Mr. Warby Parker and, more importantly, who gave him that intriguing name? Truth be told, the name Warby Parker came from a combination of character names coined by one of the spec-cellent cofounders’ favorite authors, Jack Kerouac. Spawned from the fictional characters, Warby Pepper and Zag Parker, our beloved Warby Parker was brought to life. We envision him as being a handsomely intellectual gent with exceptional eyewear — sound about right, Dave?

Warby Parker
4465 La Jolla Village Dr Ste H5
San Diego, CA 92122
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