Our Eat, Drink and Explore Guide to Downtown Los Angeles Arts District

Downtown Arts District Has Transformed From an Industrial Scene to a Hipster Paradise

Written By: Deanna Nguyen DTLA Art District

Breathe in the imaginative sights of LA’s Downtown Arts District and get a taste of the eclectic cafes and restaurants sprinkled throughout! The once-gritty, industrial area is now a splash of colors, becoming a wonderland escape for the curious adventurer. We’re putting on our newsboy caps, pinstripe pants and Elton John sunglasses to fulfill our hipster cred as we highlight 10 of our favorite spots in LA’s aesthetically delightful hub. 

1 | That’s Bould of You DTLA Art District

LA Boulders 

Looking for a place to get active? LA Boulders is where you can climb to the top and stretch out your muscles! With their comprehensive fitness offerings, you’ll get the hang of bouldering in no time. 

2 | Book It DTLA Art District

Hennessey + Ingalls 

Feel inspired as you walk into Hennessey + Ingalls, an open-concept bookstore that’s been around since 1963. With over 4.5 million books across all genres, you’re bound to pull a book from the shelf and stay glued to the pages! 

3 | That’s a Bowlful


For a healthy dose of fruits and veggies, Amazebowls is the place to get an acai bowl. The ingredients are fresh, organic and dairy-free. Order the OG Coconut Bowl which will take you to the island of paradise!

Downtown Arts District
627 S Central Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90021

4 | Art to the Heart DTLA Art District

Institute of Contemporary Art 

If you’re an art museum addict, then a visit to the Institute of Contemporary Art is a must! This curated gallery hosts artwork from international artists and fosters artistic experimentation and new ideas. 

5 | Welcome to the Circus DTLA Art District

Two Bit Circus 

Titled “Earth’s First Micro-Amusement Park,” Two Bit Circus takes you through all kinds of crazy but fun experiences. From escape rooms to VR games, you’ll be transported to different worlds—all in one place! 

6 | Garden of Eatin’ DTLA Art District


At Manuela, you can experience food and drinks out on the patio or visit the garden as you wait for a table! Their original artwork is always on rotation, so it’s a new scene every time you visit. 

7 | Journey to the Middle East


For dinner, come to Bavel where you’ll taste exquisite flavors of the Middle East while sitting under a roof of hanging vines. The white interior design and natural lighting are modern takes to traditional Middle Eastern restaurant design. 

8 | Pie-Five

The Pie Hole

If you have a sweet tooth, fall into The Pie Hole where every pie is baked from scratch and by hand. From the Mac ‘n Cheese Pot Pie to a Matcha Green Tea pie, their unique flavors are to pie for! 

9 | The American Sleep

The American Hotel 

Traveling all over LA requires more than one day. For a place to stay, The American Hotel is the premier choice in the Downtown Arts District with its brick walls and world-famous murals. Don’t just see the creativity—stay in it! 

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