Credit: James Tran
Credit: James Tran

9 Ways to Have the Best Day Ever in San Diego

From Getting Cann Delivered to Your Door to Dining on a Carousel, This Is Why We Love San Diego

Whether you’re visiting San Diego for the weekend or you’re a long-time local, there’s always something new to do and explore. From the glistening ocean to the endless amount of delicious restaurants, San Diego is the ultimate place to put a smile on your face. If you can squeeze all of these activities into one day—go for it—otherwise, just planning one or two is enough to make it the best day ever. Come on, let’s go!  Things to Do San Diego


1 | Join a Sports League

Volo Sports San Diego

Credit: Volo San Diego

Get some fresh air and exercise with a little friendly competition! Volo Sports San Diego is a local recreational sports league that offers everything from volleyball, softball and soccer to kickball, tennis and pickleball. Games take place every week and are played at local rec centers, beaches, schools and even private clubs around San Diego. If athleticism isn’t your strong suit, sign up for one of Volo’s flip cup or corn hole tournaments at participating San Diego bars! Director of Operations Ducote Contreras says, “We aren’t officially considered a health and wellness company; however, what we do offer can definitely improve people’s well-being.” So whether you’re looking to make friends, squeeze in some exercise or get those endorphins flowing, Volo is a win-win!

Local Insight: Your participation in a Volo sports league supports The Volo Kids Foundation, which provides underprivileged children with access to free youth recreational sports leagues!


2 | Take Legal Drugs

Cann Social Tonics

Sometimes, all you need is a social tonic microdosed with cannabis to turn any day into a great day. With Cann’s same-day delivery, this California company always has you covered. The new Sava Lime Basil flavor is available from Cann exclusively in Southern California (and on in NorCal) and the tart and herbal combo is the ultimate pick-me-up to totally chill you out. Imagine taking a walk through beautiful Balboa Park and enjoying a margherita pizza under the California sun. Strangely but amazingly enough, this drink will take you there. Sip in the comfort of your home, while watching a cotton candy sunset over the ocean or when you’re taking some time for yourself after a long day. And the other latest flavor, Yuzu Elderflower Reserve, has a complex, tart flavor with an elevated cocktail vibe (without the alcohol and hangover, obviously). With only 2mg of THC per Cann, you’ll have the perfect high. Crack one open before a weekend brunch or at your neighbor’s house party and take a day off of booze. And now is the time to order because Cann is having their huge sale which only takes place a few times a year!

Cann Social Tonics

Things to Do San Diego

3 | Have Yourself a Spa Day

Sunny’s Spa and Beauty Lounge at The Seabird

Nothing is better than treating yourself to a “me day” when you’re down in the dumps. Relax and rejuvenate your mind, body and soul at this waterfront spa at The Seabird Resort in Oceanside. Cozy up in a fluffy robe, grab a glass of champagne and recline on the balcony daybed with glistening views of the water while you await your therapist. If you’re looking for not only a treatment but an experience, reserve the three-part Soul Ritual to refresh and reconnect with yourself. Encompassing your whole body, the Soul Ritual begins with a personalized aromatherapy sound bath. The echoing sounds will soothe and quiet your mind before the meditative body scrub that follows. With special attention to your scalp, hands and feet, the calming, 60-minute, full body massage makes up part two of this sensory treatment. The grand finale features a thermal blanket body wrap with a tranquil neck and shoulder massage.

After you’ve primped and pampered yourself, mosey on over to The Cove and experience The Seabird’s take on a classic, Mediterranean grotto with a lavender-infused dry sauna, cool mint mist shower and heated marble seating. You’re sure to walk out of Sunny’s Spa feeling reinvigorated, renewed and without a care in the world!


4 | Fluff, Fold, Enjoy

An’s Dry Cleaning 

It’s time to head to the dry cleaner! Wait, dry cleaners?! An’s Dry Cleaning is actually a hidden gelato shop, with some of the best gelato in all of San Diego. This decadent gelato shop decided to keep the original name of An’s Dry Cleaning to acknowledge the history of the building and previous business. Every week, there’s a new menu, but best-sellers include Brocade (made with cacao chocolate, in-house gluten-free brownies and chocolate ganache) and Burlap (vegan gelato made with coconut milk and peanut butter and dark cho

An’s Dry Cleaning 

Things to Do San Diego

5 | Indulge in Seafood on the Bay

Head to the Catamaran Resort Hotel and Spa in the heart of Pacific Beach, and dine alfresco with views of Mission Bay at Oceana Coastal Kitchen. This on-site restaurant sits on the water’s edge and features a menu of chef-driven cuisine, including a cold bar with sushi options, small bites and main dishes made with sustainably sourced seafood. Snag a table at sunset for dreamy views, and order a round of their freshly shucked Pacific Oysters! Other menu highlights include the Smoked Salmon Citrus Roll made with crab, tobiko, serrano chile, cucumber and lemon, and the Niman Ranch Pork Chop served with late summer escabeche and yucca fries.

Local Insight: The Catamaran Resort makes its own spiced rum. Don’t leave without trying it!

Oceana Coastal Kitchen at Catamaran Resort Hotel and Spa



6 | Spin Round and Around 

Wolfie’s Carousel Bar

Transport yourself back to childhood, but with an adult twist. Step aboard Wolfie’s Carousel Bar for Parisian cocktails and bites. Order the Fleur de France cocktail and caviar as you take a spin on this whimsical carousel surrounded by carnival lights and exquisite libations. The carousel moves slowly, and guests have an hour and a half to enjoy it. This bistro and bar is unlike any other as it immerses you to another time and place guaranteed to put you in a good mood. 

Wolfie’s Carousel Bar

Things to Do San Diego

7 | Bike Along the Beach 

La Jolla Boardwalk

Photographed By: Damien Noble Andrews
Styled By: Cherie Doria & Manuel Parra
Hair & Makeup By: Michael Soberanes
Models: Breyanne Noelle & Samuel Platt of Brand Model & Talent Agency

If you’re ever in Downtown La Jolla, you can’t help but notice the waves crashing on the beautiful La Jolla shores. Go grab your bike and ride along the shore during sunset; the view is surreal. Stop by the La Jolla Cove and pay a visit to the sea lions while you’re at it. Getting in touch with nature and soaking up the sun is a great way to take your mind off of things! Looking for a real rush of adrenaline? Take a spontaneous dip in the ocean! 


8 | Raise a Glass

Miss B’s Coconut Club

Photography Provided By: Huy Believe – Miss B’s Coconut Club


It’s called “happy hour” for a reason! Grab your pals and enjoy tropical drinks and Caribbean-inspired bites on Miss B’s Coconut Club’s open-air patio. Having something to look forward to at the end of the week will lift your spirits and give you extra motivation. And now that football season is here, take advantage of their awesome $5 beer offer during NFL and NCAA weekday games. 

Miss B’s Coconut Club



9 | Sip and Savour 

Secret Sister

This recently opened bakery and cafe in South Park is home to fresh sourdough pastries, drip coffee and organic tea. Secret Sister is bright and cheery, making it the ideal spot to either start or top off your day! Secret Sister is a great place to sit and catch up with a friend, which always warms the heart. 

Secret Sister

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