Grab Your Squad and Head to KILO Strength Society for a Killer Group Workout

From Personal Training to Intense Cardio, You’ll Be Fit in No Time

Since its opening in January, KILO Strength Society in Huntington Beach has built a unique culture that can’t be found anywhere else. KILO’s coaches and ideology, along with their immaculate facility, is what sets them apart from other gyms. Their ideology is comprised of eight parts: strategy, coaching, trust, accuracy, progress, intensity, strength and achievement. Founders, Stéphane Cazeault, Alexandra Bernardin and Kelsey DeSanctis believed that structured and progressive strength training was missing from the group training market.

Strength Coaches Cazeault and Bernardin have over 40 years of combined experience training everyone from busy moms, to executives, to professional athletes in the NFL, MLB and NHL. Using their extensive experience, they created their flagship Group Strength Training concept PRIMEIGHT.

PRIMEIGHT has made premium level coaching and workouts accessible to anyone who is looking to train hard while training smart. PRIMEIGHT is not boot camp, cardio type, jump-around sweat sessions. You come to KILO because you want to weight train and are serious about long-term results. With a focus on improving the PRIMEIGHT exercises; Squat, Front Squat, Deadlift, Overhead Press, Incline Press, Bench Press, Dip and Chin-Up you will achieve new personal bests, while improving body composition and athletic performance. Even though PRIMEIGHT is group training, KILO personalizes the sessions for every client using rep schemes and rest periods based on the client’s current level and goals.

KILO also offers conditioning classes that are centered around primal and modified strongman movements. Short, but intense, these high intensity, metabolically demanding interval sessions will leave you feeling energized and invigorated.  

“Our goal is to provide an atmosphere for individuals, beginner to advanced, looking to empower themselves to become stronger while preventing injuries, and receiving a premium service in a group setting,” said DeSanctis, Founder and Client Relations Specialist of KILO Strength. “If you want to maximize your time in the gym, and get in the best shape of your life while working with dedicated coaches in a friendly atmosphere, come check us out!”

KILO has quickly gained the trust of their clients. Whether you are an advanced lifter or a beginner, their PRIMEIGHT Group Sessions are tailored to your needs. Visit their website, www.trainkilo.com, for more information and to redeem a free session!

KILO Strength Society
16929 Beach Blvd
Huntington Beach, CA 92647

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