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Get Tips On How to Style Your Kitchen With This Trend

Written By: Tamara Austring
Photography Provided By: Ryan Garvin

Black and white is a classic design for any room, especially for the kitchen. And now, more than ever, we’re seeing it pop up all over—whether it’s a modern farmhouse or a bachelor pad, you’re likely to get a taste of the chic look for all tastes. Orange County local and interior designer Becki Owens thinks so too, “Black and white works beautifully throughout the home. From bathrooms with black-framed round mirrors and white marble counters to a bedroom with a pretty black and white Moroccan throw laid across the bottom of the bed—it works styled into every space.” Owens’ impeccable taste for black and white transitions into the kitchen flawlessly.

Here is one of her favorite ways to decorate a kitchen—the black and white way.

Pop That Color: “You have to be careful with a black and white palette so it doesn’t look too matchy, like a flashback to a bad ‘90s design. I like to mix in textiles with a pop of color or natural woods to mix it up.”Contrast is Key: “When decorating with black you have to be careful not to over do it. Black makes a space look polished and gives a space beautiful contrasts, but the key is to add just enough to keep the space still feeling light and airy. I like to use it more as an accent so it doesn’t become heavy or overtake the rest of the design.”

Get Edgy: “Black mixed in with white in a modern way adds a bit of edge to a space, giving it a masculine element that still works in feminine spaces.”

So Trendy: “I love how versatile the black and white kitchen trend is. It lends to a variety of styles including coastal, modern, bohemian and the modern farmhouse.”

Á la Mod: “The modern farmhouse look is a popular trend right now that incorporates black beautifully. You’ll often see it used in lighting, accessories and even hardware. I also love the contrast of black steel windows in an all white painted space. For example, in a modern Mediterranean or coastal design.”

Becki Owens@beckiowens