Backyard Decor
Photography By: Steve Julien
Backyard Decor
Photography By: Steve Julien

Create Neighbor Envy With These Spectacular Concrete Features From ARCHPOT for Your Backyard Oasis

Start Designing Your Dream Backyard With ARCHPOT

Written By: Erica Johnson
Photography Provided By: Steve Julien and Mr. ADJ Backyard Decor

It seems that now more than ever, having a beautiful space to call your own is of paramount importance. ARCHPOT has been in the business of beautifying spaces with unique planters and breathtaking fire and water vessels for over 25 years. Having the kind of outdoor space that takes your breath away and makes your friends and family green with envy is absolutely possible with ARCHPOT’s array of fabulous creations. 


Planters Backyard Decor

Whether your home is contemporary or traditional, you’ll find the perfect planters that will take the look of your outdoor space to the next level. ARCHPOT’s lightweight concrete planters come in various colors, styles and interesting shapes that compliment any setting. The Frank Lloyd Wright Collection takes it a step further with designs inspired by the legendary architect. If you are looking to enhance the landscape of your yard beyond simple color bowls, ARCHPOT has exactly what you need to show off beautiful flowers and shrubs in a uniquely stylish way.

Native Knowledge: ARCHPOT is a family-owned business based in Orange County. After starting out as a wholesale nursery over 45 years ago, then moving into imported pottery, ARCHPOT is now the leading manufacturer of Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) pottery for residential and commercial spaces.


Water Bowls Backyard Decor

The sound of gently flowing water cascading from your ARCHPOT Water Bowls will make you feel like you’re having a spa day every day. Update your swimming pool or create a zen garden—whatever you choose, the look will be stunning. Different shapes, sizes and luxe finishes will harmonize perfectly with the surroundings to give your home the look you’ve always dreamed about.


Fire and Water

If making a dramatic impression is your style, look no further than ARCHPOT’s incredible selection of Fire Bowls, Fire Tables and best of all—Fire and Water Bowls.

Fire and Water is the ultimate combination, and ARCHPOT combines both elements to create an amazing effect. With many different styles to choose from, you can transform your space into true resort-style living. By adding Diamond Fire Glass to your Fire Bowl or Fire Table, you can set the night aglow and create an ambiance that makes any evening a special one.

Once your contractor has completed the installation, the technology used in Fire and Water Bowls allows you to control them from your phone (if desired) and is compatible with most home and pool operating systems. Fire Bowls and Tables can be lit manually or choose electronic ignition to provide a unique and consistent fire display for your enjoyment.

It’s time to transform your backyard into an entertainment oasis. 

Native Knowledge: Look familiar? You have probably seen ARCHPOT’s innovative designs at places like the Bellagio in Las Vegas, Fashion Island and The Hilton Waterfront in Orange County and the Ko’a Kea Hotel and Resort in Hawaii!  


15161 Van Buren St
Midway City, CA  92655

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