Her Process Is One of Passion

Written By: Isabella Cook
Photographed By: Michael Wesley Artist Carolina Arrieta

Carolina Arrieta always knew she wanted to pursue a career in the arts. At 28 years old, Arrieta has successfully done just that. Not only does she produce visually stunning paintings celebrating the female form, but Arrieta also co-owns a baby clothing company, called Wild Wawa, with her mother and sister. She combines her knowledge of art and fashion to produce a unique artistic style that you can’t help but appreciate, no matter the medium. “I grew up knowing for sure I’d do something creative,” states Arrieta.

Though Arrieta was born in LA, she spent most of her formative years living in Peru with her family. Her parents also owned a baby clothing operation, and Arrieta fondly remembers the intricate embroidery her mother would sew into the items. After high school, Arrieta returned to the US for an education in fashion. “I always painted,” recalls Arrieta, “especially when I was in fashion school.” She took this passion for painting to art school where she studied illustration design at the Art Center of Design in Pasadena. Now Arrieta combines art and fashion by hand-painting designs for Wild Wawa. As Arrieta says, “It’s bringing my art into the fabric.” Her favorite part of being in the industry is being able to see her work not just in a painting, but on people as well.

On top of co-owning a successful clothing company, Arrieta also creates paintings for art shows, commissions and more. She draws inspiration from growing up in Peru along with her travels since then. Arrieta enjoys painting female forms the most and uses this passion to bring representation to strong, confident women through art. “I don’t really tend to plan my paintings—it’s very organic,” explains Arrieta. Rather than having a regular painting schedule, Arrieta paints when she wants to and when she has the time. She describes her schedule as highly flexible. “Some days, I’ll do an entire day of painting, eight to 10 hours—it’s meditative,” she explains.

Arrieta plans to continue to pursue both her career in painting and her role at Wild Wawa, where they’ll soon begin designing and selling clothing for women and children. You can support Arrieta and her art by following her on social media or by commissioning or purchasing her work. There’s certainly more amazing art to come, and Arrieta has no plans of stopping anytime soon: “It’s all I’ve ever known. I love it.” Artist Carolina Arrieta

Carolina Arrieta
@arte.by.caro Artist Carolina Arrieta

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