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Brooks and Jenny Crawford Are Here to Make Your Backyard Dreams a Reality

Written By: Jordan Nishkian
Photography Provided By: Emma Almendarez, Brett Hilton, Mike Emery; Headshot: Lens + Soul backyard design San Diego

Brooks and Jenny Crawford share more than a marriage—they share a business and a passion to combine their skills to create beautiful spaces. 

“At the beginning of January 2019, we started this adventure fully self-employed, and it’s been great so far,” Brooks says. And while Jenny was always supportive of Brookside Design behind the scenes, her true niche in the company swiftly made itself apparent. 

“When Brooks started in January…I was helping him with social media and background things,” Jenny explains. “But then we decided to do photoshoots of his projects to really build our portfolio.” Upon seeing outdoor furniture à la Home Depot paired with her husband’s stunning work, Jenny decided to pull everything out and stage it herself for the shoot. When the clients saw the decor transformation, they were amazed, making her “realize that there was a real niche and a need in the landscape design industry to include exterior decor.”

Since then, the pair has been proudly offering clients the entire package—literally. “You’re not just seeing a landscape installation, like hardscape and plants,” Brooks says. “It’s all those furnishings that give the space that magazine-quality look, which everybody wants!”

“It takes really great taste and curation to create that composition,” he continues. “That’s where Jenny has been really amazing.” 

Interacting with the couple, it’s clear to see that the bond they share is the epitome of what a healthy marriage looks like, and they’re proud of the efforts that they’ve put into that. “Working together has forced our relationship to grow—running a business is a pressure test on your marriage,” notes Brooks. “I really enjoyed growing with Jenny this last year. It means humbling yourself sometimes; it means standing your ground at the right time and just using better judgment across the board.”

“One thing that’s really cool about working together is to share our successes and our victories,” Jenny beams. “It feels so good because we built it together. It was a collaborative team effort.”

Together, Brooks and Jenny are changing the way the industry and their clients see landscape design and decor—both are valuable on their own, but they are even better paired together.  backyard design San Diego


Brooks and Jenny’s Essentials: backyard design San Diego

  1. Patience is a must.
  2. Keep the goal in mind.
  3. Be a good decision-maker.
  4. Collaboration is key! 
  5. Trust the process.

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