Bacon-Wrapped Guacamole Balls and Deep-Fried Hot Sauce Mark Fair Season in LA

LA County to Bring A Fair to Remember

Written By: Kevin Perry LA County Fair Food

As I roiled in the throes of a burgeoning food coma, I overheard our host bellow, “More bacon for everyone!” It was simultaneously a promise, a threat, and a delicious challenge.  How much bacon can one man eat? How big are those animatronic lizards towering overhead?  How did I descend into this caloric slipstream? Let’s take a step back and break it down, LA County Fair style, and journey into my LA Fair foodie adventure. LA County Fair Food


Jurassic Planet

Before lunging mouth first into a deep-fried haze, be sure to make room for another species of carnivore: the dinosaurs of Jurassic Planet. This expansive, interactive attraction allows visitors to control the movements of robotic creatures as the sights and sounds of prehistory envelope them. The gnashing jaws of the T-Rex are impressive, and they’re also a ravenous reminder that there’s grub to be had. Now..back to the food! LA County Fair Food


Chicken Charlie’s Deep-Fried Hot Sauce

What delicious alchemy is this? Frank’s Red Hot sauce emulsified and amplified into a savory confection, that’s what. This newcomer is a must-taste, must-chase (with a cold beverage) fair find!  And while you’re at Charlie’s, you should try their bacon-wrapped guacamole balls in spicy ranch sauce.

And on the topic of bacon…

Bacon-A-Fair – Cheesy Bombs and French Toast Balls

The meat of kings/king of meats gets its proper throne at Bacon-A-Fair, where the Cheesy Bacon Bombs are swimming in garlic butter and hedonism. Don’t hate yourself yet? Well then, try their deep-fried French Toast Balls wrapped in (pause for non-suspense) bacon. Spoiler alert: there’s cream cheese inside!  Spoiler alert #2: bring your Lipitor! LA County Fair Food


Jackfruit Tacos

As a meat-eater (please see literally every other sentence in this article), I was skeptical about Jackfruit as a substitute for charred flesh. But this vegan delight changed my tune and danced on my palate like a hippie at Burning Man. Succulent and hearty, it even fooled my dairy detector; the Vegenaise sauce was a creamy MVP and a welcome sorbet for the heavier offerings at other booths. Speaking of which…


Tasti Chips – Chile Relleno Burger

In addition to the fresh-cut spuds that give Tasti Chips their name (smothered in cheddar cheese sauce, please), this booth presents the Chile Relleno Burger. Sing it with me now: one all-beef patty, chorizo, avocado and chile relleno on a pretzel bun. Ok, so it’s not catchy, but it is tasti (misspelled in deference to the proprietor). LA County Fair Food


Biggy’s – Bacon-Wrapped Pork Belly Corn Dog

I’m winded just from typing the name of this decadent delicacy. The BWPBC (for short) is diet enemy #1, and it’s best served with Thai chili dipping sauce. For dessert, enjoy some deep-fried butter sprinkled with powdered sugar and slathered in maple syrup. This is the Thunderdome of fair food booths!


All Hail the Fairdevil!

A word about your emcee: Fairdevil is a stylin’ superhero with a 360-degree virtual reality video that almost made me fall on my face as I watched it… although that was probably due to my distended meat belly. Enjoy! LA County Fair Food

The LA County Fair runs from Sept. 2nd to Sept. 26th, 2016.

LA County Fair
1101 W. McKinley Avenue
Pomona, CA 91768
LA Fair Food to Fry For

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