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Where to Get Tasty Bagels in LA That’ll Make You Forget About NY

These 11 Bagel Shops Prove LA Knows Good Bagels

New York and bagels—two things that seem to go hand-in-hand. Yet the city that once firmly held the crown when it came to this beloved baked confection has seen a number of challengers over the years. And none come quite as close to the real thing as Los Angeles’ thriving artisan bagel scene. Flecked with a wide variety of specialty bakeries, coffee shops and brunch hotspots, a great LA bagel comes in many forms, with some spots even bringing that authentic New York flair and flavor to the West Coast. So sit down, grab some shmear and read on to hear our picks for the very best bagels in LA. These spots will make it easy to forget about the Big Apple.


Yeastie Boys Bagels

Must-Try Bagel: Game Over Breakfast Sandwich

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Home of the authentic LA bagel, Yeastie Boys Bagels has been supplying the streets of LA with delicious, artisan bagels and bagel sandwiches for nearly a decade. Operating out of a fleet of food trucks, Yeastie Boys is as accessible as it is delicious. You can opt to try any of their signature creations, including the popular Game Over breakfast sandwich. Carb-lovers can also create their own, just as if you were ordering from your favorite Brooklyn bodega. You can even buy some Yeastie Boys swag—snapback caps and t-shirts that show up strong for this LA brand.

Location: Food trucks throughout LA


Courage Bagels

Must-Try Bagel: The Burnt Everything Bagel

In a city where culinary innovations are plentiful, artisans Arielle Skye and Chris Moss have added yet another jewel to the thriving LA foodie scene by reviving a bagel recipe that is truly unlike any other. At Courage Bagels, bagels are created using old-world Eastern methods—think natural fermentation and the addition of home-grown herbs and spices—giving their bagels a signature crunch. Top them with fresh herbs and schmear them with a variety of cream cheeses and you have bagels that are as Instagrammable as they are delicious.

Location: Virgil Village


Hank’s Bagels

Must-Try Bagel: Your pick—build your own sandwich!

Best Bagels in Los Angeles
Credit: Hank’s Bagels

If you’re missing that old-school, made-to-order feeling that is on par with a New York deli, then head down to Hank’s Bagels—you have three locations to choose from. Taking inspiration from that same style, Hank’s offers up a menu featuring an array of delicious bagels, schmears and toppings, ready to be mixed and matched into a sandwich that speaks to your palate. Exactly what you want and crafted with quality and creativity in mind, that’s what Hank’s Bagels delivers.

Locations: Burbank, Sherman Oaks, Calabasas


Belle’s Bagels

Must-Try Bagel: Cacio e Pepe Bagel

Best Bagels in Los Angeles
Credit: Belle’s Bagels

Since 2012, Belle’s Bagels has prided itself upon one key principle: to provide quality, sustainable bagels to the city from whence they came. It’s safe to say, they have delivered on that principle. Boasting a commitment to using locally sourced ingredients, Belle’s takes that authentic, handmade flair that LA bagels are known for to a new level. Take one bite of their deceptively simple yet undeniably delicious Cacio e Pepe Bagel, and you’ll know exactly what we are talking about.

Location: Highland Park


Layla Bagels

Must-Try Bagel: The Laika on a Poppy Seed Bagel

Moving on over to the West side, we have none other than Layla Bagels. Made from an authentic sourdough starter, these bagels are chewy and dense, and they carry that unique sour tang in every bite. To add fire to the flame of their ever-busy ovens, they also offer an outstanding selection of specially curated sandwiches and decadent bagel creations, as well as a full coffee bar and other tasty morning treats. Layla Bagels is well worth the visit to sunny Santa Monica.

Location: Santa Monica


Jyan Isaac Bread

Must-Try Bagel: Sourdough Everything Bagel

Jyan Isaac Bread is a true testament to how far quality and craftsmanship can take you in this crowded LA food scene. What began as a neighborly gesture—when Jyan was baking out of his parents’ kitchen—this project quickly exploded into one of the best bakeries in the entire state. After biting into one of his hand-crafted bagels, it’s easy to see why. Chewy, crunchy, salty, sweet, Jyan Isaac’s creations are what this city has been waiting for—and certainly the one it deserves.

Location: Santa Monica 


Gjusta Bakery

Must-Try Bagel: BYO #1 on an Everything Bagel

Equal parts deli, bakery and market, Gjusta Bakery is quaint, adorable and, of course, delicious. Gjusta originally began as a commissary kitchen, providing neighboring restaurants and markets with connections to quality, locally sourced ingredients. Fast forward, and now Gjusta is serving up some of the best made-to-order bagel sandwiches and creations in the city, while simultaneously providing a center for the community to gather and celebrate the farm-to-table scene that is flourishing in Los Angeles. 

Location: Venice


Brooklyn Bagel Bakery

Must-Try Bagel: Salt and Poppy Bagel

Tradition and excellence go hand-in-hand at this long-standing, New York-based confectionary. For over 65 years, Brooklyn Bagel Bakery has brought authentic NYC bagels to the locals of Los Angeles, trading only skyscrapers for sandy beaches in their pursuit of perfection. One trip, one bite, and it will easily put that NYC bagel craving to rest, making them a must-visit for anyone looking to challenge the notion that only New Yorkers know what it’s like to experience the best-of-the-best when it comes to bagels.

Locations: Historic Filipinotown


Pop’s Bagels

Must-Try Bagel: Bacon Egg and Cheese on a Jalapeno Cheddar Bagel

Rounding out our list is none other than the beloved Brentwood breakfast hotspot, Pop’s Bagels. Specializing in classic bagel breakfast sandwiches, Pop’s brings that warm, homestyle feel to every single creation that comes out of their kitchen. One peak at their flourishing Instagram page and you’ll be greeted with images of crispy bacon, fluffy eggs and freshly melted cheese, all tucked neatly between a dense, chewy artisanal bagel. And trust us, they taste even better than they look.

Locations: Brentwood, Culver City, Fairfax, Beverly Hills


The Bagel Broker

Must-Try Bagel: Marble Rye Bagel

Credit: Alejandra Cifre González

A longstanding staple in Los Angeles, The Bagel Broker has been attracting locals and visitors alike since 1987. What started as a local secret situated in the heart of LA’s Fairfax District has quickly become a weekend breakfast hotspot for the entire city to enjoy. Boiled, baked and rolled by hand, The Bagel Broker’s bagels are artisanally crafted and hauled in and out of their ovens morning, day and night. They’re committed to being there anytime you need a doughy golden-brown round in a place where you can embrace LA’s flourishing community and history.

Location: DTLA, West Hollywood


Maury’s Bagels

Must-Try Bagel: Lox Bagel

In 2004, New York Native Jason Kaplan moved to Los Angeles and was immediately puzzled by one question: “Where are the bagels?” Ten years later, he began manifesting his own answer, and LA was never the same. Equal parts crispy and chewy, Maury’s Bagels continues to deliver one of the most authentic New York bagels on the West Coast. Top it with some homemade cream cheese, smoked fish and lots of fresh greens, and you have a New York bagel sandwich that leaves little more to be desired.

Location: Silver Lake

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