Here’s Where Cannabis Connoisseurs Can Find CBD Chocolates, Gummies and Teas

Libra’s Budristas Are Changing the Cannabis Game in Cathedral City With Delectable Edibles

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You may know cannabis by a flurry of different names, but to Libra, what matters most is the quality and the assortment of products the shop can offer its customers. After three years of research, experience and building relationships in the industry, the shop has built a remarkable reputation and inventory. No matter what sort of product you’re looking for, it’s safe to say that Libra has all the know-how and variety that a cannabis connoisseur could ever hope for.

Ready to experiment? Here are some carefully-curated edibles for you to try:

Best CBD Products

For the Chocoholic Weed Candy

Défoncé Chocolatier

For those looking for a sweet indulgence, Défoncé Chocolatier has a flavor for you. From classic selections like dark chocolate to nuanced flavors like matcha, each bar of Défoncé is made from “sun-grown, single-origin cannabis” and contains 90 mg of THC (which adds up to 5 mg per serving).

Best CBD Products

For the Smooth Talker Weed Candy



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From sprays to mints, Breez can help you keep it fresh! Not only will they keep your breath smelling great, it’s also a super-easy way to stay medicated—the mints and sprays are great for those who want a simple way of dosing.   

Best CBD Products

For the Sweetie Weed Candy

Smokiez Edibles

With plenty of gluten-free and vegan options, Smokiez Edibles has a little something for everyone with a sweet tooth! Try them once, and you’ll be sold on the quality—each gummy, fruit chew, chocolate and hard candy is created with their “proprietary formula made with high clarity extract.”

Best CBD Products

For the Tea Drinker Weed Candy


Kikoko’s cannabis-infused herbal teas are perfect for those who want to experience the relaxing effects of cannabis without the weed-y aftertaste. With different flavors such as Tranquili-Tea, Positivi-Tea, Sympa-Te and Sensuali-Tea, you’re sure to find your perfect cup.

For the Fun-Sized Friend

PLUS Gummies

Possibly some of the cutest edibles you’ve ever seen, PLUS Gummies are sugar cube-sized squares of goodness in a wide assortment of flavors. Although each is made with its own blend, every gummy is created with “high-quality extracts and kosher ingredients” for a delicious, dosable and “consistent cannabis experience.”


For the Health Nut


Not only are Satori’s chocolate bites rich in high-quality CBD, they are also bursting with delicious, globally sourced ingredients such as wild strawberries, California raisins, almonds and highbush blueberries.


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