Best Coachella Cannabis Dispensary
Credit: Lighthouse Dispensary

6 Reasons This Coachella Cannabis Dispensary Is Our Favorite Place to “Buy Ourselves Flowers”

With a Wide Collection of Premium Products and a Knowledgeable Staff, Lighthouse Dispensary Reigns Supreme in the Cannabis Scene

In the heart of Coachella, Lighthouse Dispensary welcomes cannabis aficionados and newcomers to experience the power of the flower in a whole new way. Not just a place to purchase cannabis, Lighthouse Dispensary is a haven where luxury meets personalized service, offering a distinctive experience that goes beyond the conventional. From its state-of-the-art and pet-friendly space to its expertly curated product selection, every detail at Lighthouse Dispensary is designed with the customer in mind. Here are six reasons why this Coachella dispensary is our favorite spot to “buy ourselves flowers.”


1 | Exclusive Cannabis Collections

For those who seek exclusivity, Lighthouse Dispensary is a treasure trove. Home to premium brands such as Fig Farm, 710 Labs, Original’s and Street Kings LA, this Coachella dispensary offers an array of top-notch products. These curated selections are not just about luxury; they represent the pinnacle of cannabis craftsmanship, offering a sophisticated experience for the discerning consumer. Dive into a comprehensive selection of both classic and cutting-edge cannabis strains, each boasting unique terpene profiles.


2 | Diverse Price Range: Catering to Every Budget

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Understanding that every customer has unique preferences and budgets, Lighthouse Dispensary offers a diverse range of cannabis products at different prices. From budget-friendly options to premium selections, their tiered pricing model ensures that quality cannabis is accessible to everyone without compromising on the premium experience.


3 | Commitment to Freshness and Quality

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Lighthouse Dispensary takes great pride in the freshness and potency of its cannabis flowers. Sourced and stored under optimal conditions, their products are guaranteed to maintain their efficacy and aroma. This attention to detail ensures that customers enjoy the finest quality cannabis with every visit.


4 | Smell-and-Select Shopping Experience

Best Coachella Cannabis Dispensary
Credit: Lighthouse Dispensary

Offering a delightful twist on the traditional dispensary model, Lighthouse invites customers to “smell before they buy.” This sensory shopping experience allows you to immerse yourself in the aroma of the flowers, making your selection a more personal and engaging process. Whether you’re on the hunt for an indica, sativa or hybrid strain of flower, you’ll love interacting with your chosen bud before you purchase.



5 | Personalized Consultations and Educational Resources

Best Coachella Cannabis Dispensary
Credit: Lighthouse Dispensary

Whether you’re a cannabis novice or a seasoned enthusiast, Lighthouse Dispensary‘s knowledgeable staff members are eager and ready to guide you. Their cannabis consultants offer in-depth, personalized conversations, ensuring you find products that suit your needs. This educational approach allows customers to ask questions and empowers them to make informed choices.


6 | Loyalty Perks: Daily Deals and Exclusive Offers

Best Coachella Cannabis Dispensary
Credit: Jacob Silvas

Show your loyalty and get rewarded! Lighthouse values its customers and shows it through daily deals and loyalty rewards. From unique discounts to exciting BOGO offers, there’s an array of deals that make every visit special, encouraging a community of returning patrons. Stop in to see what the deal of the day is!


Lighthouse Dispensary
84160 Avenue 48
Coachella, CA 92236

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