Best Heated Workout Studios OC
Credit: Drenched OC

9 Heated Workout Studios in OC to Help You Stay Motivated This Winter

Some Like It Hot! Get After It at These Heated Fitness Studios

New Year’s slumps may be hitting early, but we blame it on the weather. When it’s too dreary for a pre-work run and you’re dreaming of warmer temps, a little heat adds some much-needed motivation to get you out the door. When lying on a mat feels like sunbathing on the beach in summertime, it’s easy to add fitness to your weekly routine. Heated fitness studios are our work-around for cooler weather, and they may just become your new addiction. Detox with powerful flows and restorative Pilates programs at our favorite heated gyms in Orange County.


Drenched OC

Like the name implies, you’re bound to leave this studio drenched. We all know hot yoga, but hot Pilates is in a league of its own. Hop on a reformer in this tranquil studio that exudes the modern luxe of the Newport Beach lifestyle, and discover that no one takes the motto “Success Is Hot” more seriously than the fiery founder, Angela Parretta. Gold-rimmed mirrors line the wall in front of taupe reformer machines. The heat allows you to warm up quicker and burn more calories during your daily endorphin boost.

Location: Newport Beach


Club Studio Fitness

Best Heated Workout Studios OC
Credit: Club Studio

Club Studio is the place to be for a little bit of everything. This all-inclusive workout haven has heated yoga and hot Pilates, but it also offers reformer Pilates, boxing classes, rhythm-based spin and circuit-style strength training. And that’s not all—the gym floor has everything imaginable to conquer your fitness goals (hello Versa climber!) and feels more elevated than your run-of-the-mill neighborhood gym. Join a heated class for restorative flows and then head to their recovery lounge, complete with Normatec, red light and cryotherapy. 

Location: Irvine


Ra Yoga

Best Heated Workout Studios OC
Credit: Ra Yoga

Ra may be one of the most well-known yoga studios in Orange County—and for good reason. The name nods to its heated modalities, as “Ra” references the Egyptian god of warmth. Vinyasa flows begin at 80 degrees and may be just what your body is craving this winter. If you’re looking to crank up the heat and intensity, sign up for Hot Ra. You’ll quickly defrost in the 105-110 degree class. It’s always encouraged to hydrate before, and this workout class is designed for both budding yogis and life-long practitioners.

Locations: Costa Mesa, Irvine, Newport Beach


Radiant Hot Yoga

Best Heated Workout Studios OC
Credit: Radiant Hot Yoga

Radiant has the reputation of being the hottest of the hot. The combo of 105 degrees and 40% humidity is designed to detox and purify, leaving you with a sense of serenity and a serious sweat. Walk into Radiant and let calm wash over you. Stone flooring and mauve walls are reminiscent of Thailand studios. Yin yoga is a slow-paced flow to a restorative flow, while Radiant 60 syncs powerflow poses to the music. At this Orange County fitness studio, your towel, mat and water are just as important as an open mind and open heart.

Location: Newport Beach



YouTube video

Credit: @hotworx

A workout and recovery in one, HOTWORX utilizes the power of infrared energy in semi-private sauna studios. Reserve a sauna that fits you and two of your fitness friends, and select from an on-demand library of 15- to 30-minute workouts. The heated studio boosts metabolism, and infrared energy activates the body’s regenerative process for quicker recovery. Yoga-based workouts are the most popular, but rowing, cycling and even strength-training studios allow you to add cross training to your workout routine. HOTWORX is also open 24/7!

Locations: Anaheim, Costa Mesa, Fullerton, Huntington Beach, Rancho Santa Margarita


The Blend

Yoga, Pilates and HIIT all in one, The Blend is a journey through 60 minutes of cardio, core and stretching. The studio is minimal, with light-washed wood floors and mirrored walls to open up the space, but the workouts take you to the max with programs created for energy and balance. The studio is set to around 80 degrees. It’s not too hot to make you feel depleted but not too cold to lose the benefits of heated workouts. This Dana Point studio pairs well with a post-Blend beach walk.

Location: Dana Point


The Full Routine

The Full Routine is for workout girls who want something a little more intense than a traditional yoga flow. Pilates always brings a burn and shake—but not always the sweat. The Full Routine, however, takes it up a touch with routines in their heated Newport Beach studio. Mat Pilates incorporates hand and ankle weights for a full-body sculpt. This Orange County workout studio is intimate, making each class feel semi-private. Book per class with tier class-pack packages. To find it, enter through the little white gate on the left side of the Eso Live-Well entrance. 

Location: Newport Beach



Yogis always know what they are going to get at Corepower. This gym in Orange County is like the Starbucks of yoga studios—reliable from city to city. There’s a good reason why they are all over the place too! You’re bound to get a great workout, whether it’s sculpting to pop hits or flowing to meditative rhythms. Corepower 1 eases you into the basics, while Corepower 3 unleashes your inner warrior. Most classes are heated between 90-95 degrees, and if you haven’t tried this studio yet, we recommend signing up for New Member Fridays. 

Locations: Brea, Newport Beach, Huntington Beach, Irvine, Laguna Hills, Mission Viejo, Tustin, Woodbridge


Purple Yoga

Find your flow state at Purple Yoga. Muted lavender lights set the mood and sync with heat-building flows. Over 10 yoga classes are taught per day, so there’s a flow waiting for even the busiest folks. Grab your yoga mat and prepare to bliss out. Beginner classes start at a comfortable 78 degrees, while power-based flows reach a detoxing temp of 102. Arrive early to park and walk into the aroma of calming eucalyptus. Mat rentals are $3 and Purple Yoga’s intro package starts at $65 a month.

Location: Fullerton

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