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From Hollywood to Venice, Snap Some Memories at These 9 LA Photo Booths

Don’t be Camera-Shy!

There is nothing more iconic than capturing a memory in a classic photo booth. Those grainy, mug-shot styled photostrips live in our keepsake boxes forever, and LA’s selection of both vintage and modern photo booths is unparalleled. From being tucked away in dive bars to hiding in hundred-year-old hotel lounges, these photo booths can often be hidden or overlooked. Luckily, we know exactly where to find them! So step inside, close the curtain and capture your memories at these 9 LA photo booths.


4100 Bar

Best LA Photo Booths
Credit: 4100 Bar

Camera shy? Maybe you need to grab a drink and loosen up a bit at 4100 Bar, where whiskey sours and brioche sliders are all the rage. Inside this mellow, dimly lit neighborhood bar lies a quintessential photo booth adorned with chrome walls and a black curtain. Each strip is $5, and the photos come out grainy black and white—letting no moment be forgotten.

Location: Silverlake 


Verdugo Bar

Snap your next moment at Verdugo Bar, where Mexican candy shooters and food trucks will make your next night out one to remember! This Glassell Park gem may be known for amateur comedy nights and kimchi tacos, but did you know about its hidden photo booth? In the back of the bar, you’ll find a prototypical photo booth with red curtains and a line outside to get in. At $5 a strip, we’ll see you there!

Location: Glassell Park 


The Spare Room

Credit: The Spare Room

Hidden inside LA’s renowned Roosevelt Hotel is The Spare Room, an elegant cocktail lounge and gaming parlor that serves skillfully crafted cocktails and a secret photo booth. This fun spot is equipped with board games, Jenga and even a bowling alley with polished wood lanes. Their photo booth blends in with the shades of gray depicted in The Spare Room and prints only black-and-white photo strips with its name printed at the bottom.

Location: Hollywood 



Ace Hotel

Best LA Photo Booths
Credit: Ace Hotel

Downtown LA’s Ace Hotel is not only historic but holds a chamber of memories, and its lobby photo booth bodes a similar story. This chrome, old-fashioned photo booth is open to the public and serves as one of the longest-working booths in Los Angeles.

Location: Downtown LA


Mohawk Bend

Credit: Mohawk Bend

Mohawk Bend is often identified as a buzz-worthy and trendy spot to sip up creative beers in a retrofitted 100-year-old theater. As you walk in, you might notice their vintage photo booth with a crimson curtain and gray walls. Each session comes out in black and white and is only $3. So sit down, strike a pose and let Mohawk Bend do the rest!

Location: Echo Park


Golden Road Brewing

You might know Golden Road Brewing for its tap rooms and beer selection, but did you know about its hidden photo booth? At their Glendale location, you’ll see their classic silver photo booth with a blue curtain waiting to host your next photo op with your best buds. Find a friend or have a solo session! Step inside, insert $3 and let the booth work its magic.

Location: Glendale 


Mr. Furley’s

Get a photo in a jiffy at Mr. Furley’s, where cheap booze, mouthwatering apps and bar games are their specialties. Settled in Glendale, this upscale bar features a modern yet relaxed environment and is known for its wide selection of fine wines. Mr. Furley’s mugshot-themed photo booth rings in at only $5 a session and is a must for your next night out with your partners in crime.

Location: Glendale 


The Short Stop

Nestled along Sunset Blvd is Short Stop, a local tavern that’s focus is on booze and blues. You can listen to local artists, dance the night away and sneak some shots at their photo booth that’s only $3 to use and chock-full of stranger’s photo strips. The Short Stop’s photo booth produces only black and white photos and has their name plastered on each strip three times, allowing you to remember a night out with your lover. 

Location: Echo Park


Cha Cha Lounge 


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Hula over to the Cha Cha Lounge for your next night out and capture the motion forever. Cha Cha’s tiki-style bar beholds one of the most famous photo booths LA has to offer. Its light wood siding and bamboo accents mimic the ambiance of the bar. Each photo strip is colored, only $2 and labeled with the bar’s name at the bottom, so you’ll never forget where you learned those moves and grooves!

Location: Silverlake 

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