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5 Delicious Ways to Celebrate Pi Day in Southern California

When Pi Isn’t the Answer, Pie Is! Celebrate Pi Day With These Sweet and Savory Pies

We’re no mathematicians, but we are experts at finding the best spots in town. Pi day is right around the corner, and we’ve rounded up the most delicious ways to celebrate, no matter which way you slice it! Physicist Larry Shaw is to thank for the sweet tradition of enjoying pie on March 14. The numerical ratio representing the relationship between a circle’s circumference and its diameter is abbreviated to 3.14. Shaw was the first to celebrate in 1988 by bringing fruit pies to work, but for the upcoming Pi Day we’re celebrating with all things circular. We’re taking classic apple pies, nostalgic pot pies and even pizza pies! If it has a diameter, we’re digging in. 


Pop Pie Co.

Must-Try: Dirty Flattop Cheeseburger Pie

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Best Pies in Southern California
Credit: Israel Palacio

There’s something so nostalgic about pie. They just don’t make them like they used to! The perfect pie is hard to come by, but Pop Pie Co. brings the tradition of hearty homemade pies to Orange County and San Diego. Satisfying both savory and sweet, Pop Pie Co.’s globally inspired menu offers single-serving five-inch pies for any time of day. Yes, you can eat pie for breakfast, lunch and dinner! Their classic Chicken Pot Pie with creamy herb sauce is as comforting as grandma’s home cooking. Sweet pies are served by the slice, and the Salted Caramel Apple pie is a best-seller due to its old-fashioned oat crumble topping. And in honor of the holiday, Pop Pie Co. is collaborating with several local chefs and restaurants, including The Friendly, which is bringing in its famous Dirty Flattop Cheeseburger Pie! Tommy Gomes of Tunaville Market & Grocery will also be calling upon his network of local fishermen to bring in scallops and rockfish for his debut pie collaboration this year. And don’t miss out on Chef and Restaurateur Davin Waite’s incredibly cool vegan pie and Chef Ami Cisneros of El Barbecue’s Brisket Birria Pie made with shredded smoked brisket, chili sauce, onions and cilantro. Pop on by!

Locations: Costa Mesa, Point Loma, Pacific Beach, South Park, University Heights


Prince St. Pizza

Must-Try: Boozy Broome

Pies aren’t limited to a butter-based crust and tin pan. The pizza pie is equally as worthy of being celebrated on March 14! Celebrate Pi Day at the iconic Prince St. Pizza—a family-owned New York pizzeria that specializes in legendary Soho squares and Neapolitan rounds. Today we’re going for the whole pie! Open a happiness-branded pizza box to find cheesy pies that are so good, no ranch is needed. Order the Boozy Broome layered with creamy vodka sauce, crispy prosciutto, fresh mozzarella and fine-grated romano. 

Local Insight: Take your pie next door to Madam Bonnie’s and enjoy it with a Naughty Prince cocktail on their outdoor patio.

Locations: West Hollywood, West LA, Downtown LA, San Diego (new!)


Top Gun House: Home of the Famous High Pie

Must-Try: Cherry Pie A-La-Mode

The historic Grave’s house from Top Gun maintains its Victorian cottage exterior, but the interior has transformed into a retro-fitted bakery specializing in all-American hand-held pies! Gluten-free pies are filled with locally-picked fruit and served flight-style in vintage striped boxes. But the best thing on the menu is mini pie a-la-mode! These fried and baked-to-order pie pockets are infused with house-made mascarpone ice cream and served on popsicle sticks with decedent dipping sauces. Dunk each pie into swirls of Charlie’s Chocolate, Government Cheese, Lemon Curd or Sea Salt Caramel.

Location: Oceanside


Pie Society

Must-Try: P,B & J

Best Pies in Southern California
Credit: Pie Society

Pie Society, the hidden speakeasy-style bar behind Pitfire Pizza in Costa Mesa, is the perfect place for a Pi Day celebration. The menu features standout craft cocktails along with a robust spirits list, draft and craft beers, sangria and wine. But we know you’ve got pie on the mind, and this hidden gem’s menu of hand-tossed pizza pie will not disappoint. Try The Burrata with pesto, caramelized onion, arugula and hazelnuts, or if you’re feelin’ funky, the P,B & J made with mozzarella, provolone, pineapple, Canadian bacon and jalapeño is a must.

Location: Costa Mesa


Cali Cream Homemade Ice Cream

Must-Try: Ice Cream Pie

There’s fruit pies, pizza pies and even shepherd’s pies, but we’ve barely touched on pie’s best friend: ice cream. Pie ala mode is a quintessential dessert! Cali Cream put two and two together with ice cream pies. Scoop shops prepare 55 flavors daily that can be made into ice cream pies for frozen desserts made to slice up and enjoy back at home. Embrace Pi Day in full force with flavors like deep dish apple pie and banana cream pie. Like pi itself, our love for pie is never ending.

Location: Encinitas, Downtown San Diego

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